Trade of Alvin Kamara to Buffalo? Bills’ offer to the Saints was an attempt to “Make a Splash.”

Trade of Alvin Kamara to Buffalo Bills' offer to the Saints was an attempt to Make a Splash.

The Buffalo Bills have been looking for the best running back help available, and this week they advanced as far up the ladder as an NFL team can by making inquiries about Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints as they approach Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline.

Jay Glazer, a football analyst for Fox Sports, stated on Sunday that “The Bills are hoping to create a splash.” They received a rejection.

That much is evident from Kamara’s performance for the Saints on Sunday, in which he stood out as the star in New Orleans’ rout of the Las Vegas Raiders and scored three touchdowns.

Prior to the Panthers trading Christian McCaffrey in a headline-grabbing transaction with San Francisco, Buffalo is known to have looked at the running back. Furthermore, we are aware that Cleveland is willing to trade for Kareem Hunt. The specifics of the Rams’ displeased Cam Akers’ availability have also been discussed. And Glazer brings up Jeff Wilson from San Francisco.

When that happens, we might remind the Bills to value the running backs they already have on staff, as some of the names that keep coming up aren’t necessarily better than Devin Singletary or the potential of youngster James Cook.

For the time being, the Josh Allen-led Buffalo Bills must focus on how they will defeat the Green Bay Packers in Week 8’s Sunday Night Football game at Highmark Stadium.

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