Food Wars Season 3 Dubbed: Release Date and More Updates You Need to Know

Food Wars Season 3 Dubbed: Release Date and More Updates You Need to Know

The third season of the Food Wars anime is already available in Japan. The director of this anime is popular Japanese animator Yoshitomo Yonetani, and J.C Staff is the producer. They created a first part, which ran from 4th October to 20th December 2017, and a second part, which aired from 9th April to 25th June 2018. Some Japanese broadcasting channels such as Tokyo MX, Animax, BS11 and Abema TV have already broadcasted the third season and received positive feedback from their audience members.

This popular anime is only in Japanese. It isn’t easy to understand it if you don’t know the language. The series is not available in English, and there are no dubbed episodes of this show yet. Some people are waiting for the third season of Food Wars, which will come out in their own language soon.

Food Wars Season 3 Dubbed: The Story of Food Wars:

The story of “Food Wars” is about Soma’s boy who wants to be a good cook. His dad used to run the family restaurant, but he had to close it. But Soma really wanted his dad’s restaurant back.

There is a Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute. It’s in Tokyo. A person must pass the entrance examination to be a student here. The big campus has culinary classrooms, research facilities, and much more.

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In the Polaris Dorm, Soma met Megumi Tadokoro. They are both aspiring learners. Students in the institute regularly engage in food competitions to hone their culinary skills. The story is about cooking challenges and interactions between Soma Yukihira and other people at the institute.

Expected release of the English dubbed version

A couple of months ago, Sentai Filmworks announced that they were getting the home video rights of Food Wars. They also said that the English dub of Food Wars season 3 would come out in 2020. But then, after the Coronavirus pandemic, things changed, and it delayed the release of the dubbed version of Food Wars season 3. Now, though, everyone is recovering from this pandemic, and things are getting back to normal again, which means you can expect that sometime soon, we will have a release date for Season 3’s English dub.

Voiceover artists for Food Wars season 3 English dub:

Blake Shephardcwill will voice for Soma Yukihira.

Stephanie Wittels  will voice for Erina Nakiri.

Byson Baugus will voice for Takumi Aldini.

Jad Saxton will voice for Megumi Tadokoro.

Christine Kelly will voice for Alice Nakiri.

Brittney Karbowski will voice for Hisako Arato.


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