Darling in The Franxx Season 2: Announcement, Release Date and Rumours

Darling in The Franxx Season 2

Darling in the Franxx, the popular anime series which just concluded last week after its latest season, will be returning for another run.

Last week, during a special Livestream event by studio Trigger and production I.G., announcements were made regarding what is coming next year to fans of the franchise. The most important announcement was that there would be additional story arcs to look forward to: the Second Season for Darling in The Franxx and two new projects called Code 049 and DARLING in THE FRANXX DOUBLE ZERO.

The details are still scarce about what exactly these next seasons will entail. Still, it did conclude with an early announcement trailer (embedded at the bottom of this article). We see Strelizia, and a few other Franxx units take on an enemy that looks similar to the Klaxosaurs but more well-developed.

While it is still too early to tell, there are already some speculations floating around internet forums about what kind of story arcs these new storylines may bring in. One theory speculated that it could deal with the parasites’ reproductive system and how they can no longer carry children since they were evolved from plant cells instead of animal cells. Another involves the possibility of another Klaxosaur attack. We will get a glimpse at what happened on Earth after humanity lost their home planet to carnivorous aliens, and one final arc involving Hiro (the protagonist) arriving at his final destination, he would be reunited with Zero Two.

Darling in The Franxx Season 2

Darling in The Franxx: About the Show

Darling in the Franxx is an anime series that revolves around a post-apocalyptic future where aliens known as Klaxosaurs have invaded Earth and humans are forced to live in mobile fortresses called Plantations that float above big cities of their future Japan. To combat these alien threats, the plantations use giant robots called Franxx piloted by pairs of boys and girls, and numbers rather than names identify them, so each pilot has a stamen (the male) paired with a pistil (the female). The story follows the pilots of Plantations 13 and 26 who struggle against the Klaxosaurs and internal conflicts inside their own team.

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The popularity of Darling in The Franxx was one of the reasons why Trigger (the studio behind the anime) decided to bring a Second Season. It will be looking into what direction they can take this franchise and how they can expand on storylines. This is good news for fans left with questions regarding Hiro’s origins, Zero Two’s past, Nana’s history, and Yuzuriha and Mitsuru, among others.

There are also discussions about possible spin-offs within Darling in The Franxx universe, such as setting one series on the side stories of Plantation 13. At the same time, another could explore more on Squad 26, where we would get to see more interactions between Zorome & Miku or look into Kokoro’s past when she was still part of the squad. It has been mentioned during the Livestream that each member of Squad 13 has their own defining backstory, so there is a lot of story potential for the future seasons.

DARLING in The FRANXX Season 2 Release Date

The official release date for DARLING in The Franxx Second Season (tentatively titled DARLING in The FRANXX II ) and the two new projects have yet to be announced. Still, studio Trigger did state during their live video that they would like to make it ready by January 2019. It was also mentioned that while these projects are planned out already, they will depend on how fast the company can work with their plans. Assuming everything goes well, we could be getting at least two or three releases next year, and it would be better to start with a new series first.

The FRANXX Season 2 Spoilers (Summary)

The story of DARLING in The Franxx Season 2 revolves around a group of teenagers living in the last human city on Earth, Plantation 13. They are tasked to pilot giant robots known as Franxx against the alien threat called Klaxosaurs, but various factors have caused them inside their own team. There is no information yet regarding what kind of arcs we will get to see. Still, there are speculations that it could deal with Hiro’s origins and why he has horns on his head or how Zero-Two could survive alone after her partner died during combat operations. We may also get to see other members from Plantation 26 like Ichigo, Zorome and Miku, who were also part of the squad during Squad 13’s stay in Mistilteinn.

Darling in The Franxx Season 2

Another interesting thing to note is that none of these characters is present in Darling in The Franxx Season 1. Still, since it was hinted that we would be seeing more important members from Plantation 13, it is possible that they could make their debut appearance here. Yuzuriha from Squad 26 seems like a nice fit considering Hiro’s fondness for Zero Two, but one can never know how things will turn out, so there will still be expectations regarding plot twists. However, it should be noted that the story might focus on fewer arcs rather than up too many storylines, so this could mean shorter seasons compared to DARLING in The FRANXX Season 1.

Another interesting tidbit about the Second Season of DARLING in The FRANXX is that Atsushi Nishigori would direct it. He may not have made an appearance in the first season, but he has worked on other Trigger projects such as Kiznaiver and Kill la Kill, so fans can easily look forward to how DARLING is in The FRANXX will unfold next year. 


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