Spoilers for The White Lotus Season 2 episode 2: Love and death

Spoilers for The White Lotus Season 2 episode 2 Love and death

Do you want to know more about what will happen before The White Lotus season 2 episode 2 airs on HBO next week?

In the grand scheme of things, we do know where the story is going: It would appear that several visitors will perish while they are in Sicily. It is unclear exactly who is in charge and how everything came about.

It is difficult to predict what will be released the next week or in the future because the preview at the end of tonight’s premiere was one for the remainder of the season.

What can we currently say? Tanya will find herself in a dreadful scenario that isn’t all that different from what we witnessed in season 1. Despite being married, she is still in need and emotionally reliant. It’s why she sent her assistant Portia to Italy, and she wants her to remain nearby while remaining unnoticed. To find out if Greg really does love her, Jennifer Coolidge’s character hires a clairvoyant in the meantime.

We’d keep a look out for Harper, played by Aubrey Plaza, among the other characters. In the beginning, she was a little more restrained and hesitant, but moving forward, she’s going to seize the day. That might imply that she and Daphne go on some adventures together, but there’s also a possibility that someone might pass away. Let’s just say that for everyone else, things are a little bit more hazy. We know that Daphne is still alive to find a dead body. There certainly seem to be romance in store, but also death. the positive and negative.

What direction do you want The White Lotus season 2 episode 2 to take things?

Comment with your ideas and aspirations! Once you’ve completed that, return for additional updates.

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