The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2: Everything You Need To Know

The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2: Everything You Need To Know

The Summer I Turned Pretty, a new Amazon Prime Video series, is chock with the kind of charming rom-com that makes our hearts melt.

It is based on the Jenny Han trilogy and follows Belly as she attempts to navigate a love triangle with her two oldest friends in The Summer I Turned Pretty (who also happen to be brothers… complicated.)

Although it appears that she’s finally settled on a man by the end of the season, the question remains: can her choice hold up after two more books?

Everything you need to know about Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah’s future is here.

The second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty may premiere early in July. If yes, when can we expect Season 2?

Yes! There is a second season in the works, but we don’t know when it will arrive.

Since the show is in summer, we should expect another June/July release date for season two, even if filming hasn’t started yet.

We’d put our money on it happening in 2023.

We’ll let you know if there’s any new information as soon as possible.

Who’s in the cast of Summer I Turned Pretty season 2?

The Belly is played by Lola Tung, with Conrad and Jeremiah played by Christopher Briney and Gavin Casalegno, respectively.

The program wouldn’t exist without these three. Therefore they’ll all be back.

Jackie Chung and Sean Kaufman, who played Belly’s mother, Laurel, and brother Steven, are also expected to return.

John, the father of Conrad and Jeremiah, will probably play a more significant role in the core plot in the upcoming season.

Rachel Blanchard, who portrays the boys’ mother, Susanna, is one person we’re not sure we’ll see again. At the end of season one, she declared that her illness had returned and that she would not be exploring alternative treatments after putting her body through years of chemotherapy.

Even if she passed away between episodes, there’s a chance she’ll show up in flashbacks if she has.

What can we expect from the upcoming second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty?

You can expect to see the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty following the second novel in Jenny Han’s series called “It’s Not Summer Without You.”

As for Belly and Conrad’s first season romance, let’s say it doesn’t last very long.

Summary: “It used to be that Belly was counting down the days to summer so she could be back with Conrad and Jeremiah at Contains Beach. However, not this year. After Susannah got sick again and Conrad stopped caring, it wasn’t possible. Belly wishes that summer would never arrive, as all that was wonderful and right has broken apart.

As a result, when Jeremiah phones to inform them that Conrad has vanished, Belly knows just what she must do. There is no other place for it to happen than at their old beach house, with the three of them together again, the way things were. This summer should end at Cousins Beach if it is the last one for this generation.”

Some story points may be changed, but for the most part, things should stay the same. Also, from what we can tell, this love triangle will grow more complicated.

The trailer for the second season of Summer I Turned Pretty: When can I watch it?

It takes time to learn to be patient, so don’t worry! As of right now, it doesn’t appear that we’ll get to see any new footage from the upcoming second season.

In the meantime, keep looking for updates on when and where you can catch up with Cousins again.

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