Love Victor Season 4: Everything You Need To Know

Love Victor Season 4 Everything You Need To Know

Our #Venji heart can’t take saying goodbye to our favorite characters now that the last season of Love, Victor, has officially begun (sobs).

Though we all knew it wouldn’t go on indefinitely, it still doesn’t seem like three seasons is nearly enough time to see everything.

The teen thriller about 16-year-old Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) adjusting to a new city and trying to know his sexuality was released in 2020 (the ideal lockdown binge).

Despite Victor’s rugged road, the season three finale offered a joyful finish to this LGBT coming-of-age story. Why did it end so quickly?

In today’s teen shows, most of the actors playing teenagers aren’t teenagers themselves. Riverdale, we’re watching you.

The cast of Love, Victor, wasn’t all teenagers when it began, but that doesn’t mean they were. In contrast, showrunner Isaac Aptaker noted that he intended to make the show short and pleasant, rather than stretching it for numerous seasons and having adults in their late twenties portraying kids.

The consensus was that we had done an excellent job conveying the story we set out to tell. There have been three unique chapters in Victor’s trip, he said.

“As for the rest of the cast, they were all 20- or 21-year-olds playing high school students. And now that they’re in their late twenties, it feels like the show has matured and gone on this journey,” he says.

As he said later, “It felt like the perfect way to close the story.”

When asked whether it was a “bittersweet” experience, co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger agreed that Victor and his pals’ coming-of-age travels would be complete with this last episode.

“This is one of our favorite shows. This show is a favorite among the members of our cast. Her words, “We adore our viewers,” were heartfelt. Though, we’re thankful for the opportunity to work towards a satisfying conclusion for everyone who has been a part of this story, knowing it was our last.

Netflix shows like I Am Not Okay With This or GLOW has shown us what it’s like to have a show canceled before it could give its characters (and viewers) the happy ending they wished for.

Because the cancellation of Love, Victor was announced in advance, and we were allowed to experience the all-important Ferris wheel moment, we’re pleased.

There are so many times on TV where you don’t get the chance to write anything, much less know what your strategy is,” Berger continued. To be able to complete the story is “hugely wonderful, and just so rewarding for us,” they say. They believe they have a “something… that will leave everyone feeling delicious and satisfied.”

Fans of the 2018 film Love, Simon are likely aware that the film Love, Victor is a spin-off of the latter, with Victor going to Simon for assistance when he can’t come to terms with his sexuality.

Is there a prospect of another spin-off, even though a series’ fourth season is unlikely?

Because Aptaker hasn’t ruled anything out, it’s a serious option for us.

He stated, “It’s always on the table.” “High school stories are among our favorite articles to read on the site. “That was our last high-school thing,” we’ve always said, “and now we’re planning our next one.” In any case, we live in such an exciting period of history.

As a result, the stakes are incredibly high. It’s an exciting time to be a writer. The three seasons of the show and the movie have been a great delight, and I would never say no to doing it again.”

Since Rahim could relate to Victor’s unique traditions of growing up as just a gay POC from religious, immigrant parents, unlike Benji, it was the perfect time to discover more about him.

It was only in Season 3 that we got a better look at Rahim’s life, as he began talking to his mother about the adverse effects of being forced to return to the closet in front of his Iranian family.

Our interest in learning more about this figure is piqued by the fact that Aptaker has expressed openness to the possibility of a spin-off…

On Disney+, you can watch the first three seasons of Love, Victor.

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