Severance season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Fans of Severance, gather your fingertip traps and prepare to return to Lumon Industries. It’s great news for fans who’ve been freezing screenshots of the business manual in search of clues regarding the central mystery as Apple TV+’s acclaimed workplace thriller will return for a Severance season 2.

This level of fan participation and response is extremely thrilling to watch,” says director and executive producer Ben Stiller. For Severance, the route to television has been a long one. Since then, I’ve enjoyed reading Dan [Erickson’s] pilot. As a long-running story, I’m thrilled to be able to continue it. I want to thank our Apple TV+ partners for their support throughout the process. Kier is a hero!”

Lumon Industries is a secretive conglomerate employing Mark Scout (Adam Scott), the film’s protagonist. The severance treatment which Mark and his coworkers underwent surgically separates their memories of their work and personal lives. Neither the employees’ “innies” nor their “outies” have any idea what they do for a living outside of work. This risky experiment in work-life balance is tested when Mark and his crew become embroiled in an investigation into what Lumon Industries performs.

‘Severance’ has invented an existence that is equal parts intriguing and enthralling as viewers around the globe can’t get enough of these rich characters,’ said Matt Cherniss, head of programming for Apple TV+, thanks to creator Dan Erickson, Ben Stiller, and an extraordinary cast and crew. There are a lot of things we’re looking forward to exploring in season two of Lumon.

Severance season 2! What’s in store?

Even though we know nothing about Severance season 2, Erickson gave Esquire some tantalizing hints in an interview. There’s a good chance the planet will expand, he said. As we progress through Lumon, we’ll be able to see more of the building and the outside world. He then went on to make some observations on the overall narrative’s storytelling structure:

The show has an overall strategy in place. We needed to have a clear destination in sight, so I didn’t plan everything season by season. This way, we can still get there whether it takes two seasons or six. We should be able to go along for the ride and see where it takes us. What Lumon is aiming to do, the part that our significant characters will play in it, and where it will all climax can be seen clearly. Imagining the next step on that journey is exhilarating.

Mark, Irving, and Helly finally succeed in bringing their innies out into the open at the end of Season One, setting up a jaw-dropping cliffhanger for Severance season 2. Because of their deception, Mark learns that his supposedly deceased wife is a coworker, and Irving learns that his Lumon lover is married. Helly discovers her Eagan heritage before declaring to an industry gala that the severance procedure is torture. This has far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. Since his innie found that he had a child back in the day, Dylan has already been introduced to the Matrix by Mr. Milchick, according to Stiller in an interview with Deadline. According to Stiller: “It’s an enormous question and something that truly is vital to address since their entire vision of the world has been transformed by having this peek.” “That’s going to be a significant part of the beginning of the second season—a lot of what the second season needs to deal with.” Mark’s love life will be rocked by the revelations he has made. In the case of Innie Mark, Stiller observed, “we’re starting to cheer for him and Helly, but now we also want to pull for Outie Mark to find his wife. “That’s something we’ll look into in the second season,” he said.

We only saw Mark’s outies in Season One since it was all about him, but Erickson swears that this will all change in Severance season 2. All of these folks will be shown on the outside in Season 2, he said to EW. As with Mark, they all had their unique motivations for undergoing the treatment, and they’re all in various stages of recovery… I think the fascinating part is to see how Adam’s innie and outie seem like the same person, but with a dramatically different lived experience.”

Harmony Corbel, who moonlights as Mark’s neighbor, Mrs. Selvig, keeps a close eye on Mark’s outie. Erickson suggests that Cobel’s ruses aren’t over yet, even if Mark now knows the truth about her secret existence. Polygon quoted him as saying, “I think she does have some personal affinity to Mark.”. This is my best guess, but I don’t believe it’s based totally on Lumon. There’s no doubt in my mind that she has a professional interest in the subject matter. We’ve also seen that he and his wife are the subjects of some experiment and that someone is keeping an eye on them. You can tell by her expression that it’s become about more than just the job for her.

For those who couldn’t wait much longer, you can always visit the Severance Reddit, where fans have already posted thousands of exciting theories. As a result of Helly’s father commenting, “One day, you will sit with me at my seat,” many fans have speculated that the Eagan family may upload their minds to a computer and join the Board, which tormented Harmony Cobel so cruelly. It is possible that Kier Eagan could still be in the ether, if so. Another fan has argued that Irving, an ex-military guy, may be an infiltrator working for Lumon, based on his compulsive research and documenting of Lumon workers. “What if the severance process was initially devised for use in war?” one Redditor wonders. The enlisted soldiers you employ have no memories or PTSD after their tour of duty is over, and they are readily indoctrinated to do your will.” Irving would have participated in this severance program as a soldier, which explains why he is so interested in discreetly tracking down others.” One of the advantages of opening up the world is that we’ll get to see additional implementations of the technology,” Erickson said in a Reddit AMA. There are other ways in which people are prepared to “segment” themselves from uncomfortable facts.

And what about those terrible goats spotted prowling the streets of Lumon? There are numerous theories about how this happened, from cloning to brain experiments. Erickson will only say, “I don’t think we have seen our last goat on the show,” which is a reassurance to the audience.

An Erickson AMA revealed the answers to sure Season One riddles while teasing what’s to store for Season Two. “The office is real,” Erickson reaffirmed. Aside from the black sludge in Irv’s dream, everything we see is happening in the real world. That old “it’s all just a simulation” theory is out of the question. There was another Season Two mystery hinted at by Erickson: Why did Helena Eagan fail to tell the Board about her innie’s suicide attempt? “That’s a good question,” I respond. The Severance season 2, he predicted, will expose more of that. “I think so,” he said.

There’s not much we can say until the second season premieres. Erickson quoted, “It’s simpler to ask interesting questions than to answer them.” There is one thing we can rely on, even if we don’t know much else: Ben Stiller. “He’s cruel,” Patricia Arquette remarked of Stiller in an Esquire profile. He’s a non-stop worker. He’s a never-stopper when it comes to revisions and ideas. Over the weekend and on holidays, you’d get calls in the middle of the night and early in the morning. Ideas. Things that haven’t been seen before. When it comes to everything, he’s obsessively focused on every single detail. She was the most concentrated person I’ve ever seen.

When Can We Expect the Severance season 2?

Season Two will surely be another thrilling trip of sci-fi awesomeness and corporate intrigue in Stiller and Erickson’s talented hands. However, it’s still far away, with no specific premiere date. The ten-episode length of Severance season 2 is confirmed, unlike Season One.

For now, there’s a lot to mull over. The Lexington Letter, a free publication purporting to be a “tell-all” from former Lumon employee Peggy Kincaid, has been confirmed by Erickson as canon. “I think the chances are fairly excellent that it will happen,” Erickson remarked in response to a fan’s question about whether Ricken’s The You You Are would ever be released in print. Kier is a hero!

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