Can We Expect To See Josh Brolin Return In Deadpool 3?

Can We Expect To See Josh Brolin Return In Deadpool 3 (2)

In 2016, most superhero movies were from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This means that they showed both heroes and villains. They had jokes that adults could understand but not kids.

In Deadpool, there is a lot of adult humor. Deadpool is the opposite of other Marvel superhero movies because it doesn’t have a “G” rating. It’s popular because it has an “R” rating and a lot of people like this kind of movie.

Can We Expect To See Josh Brolin Return In Deadpool 3 (1)

A new “Deadpool” was released in 2018. Deadpool Fans were happy to see that the raunchy humor from Ryan Reynolds’ chatty assassin was still there. Even after Disney, a company that is usually for children, took over Marvel Studios and brought Deadpool into the MCU, they said there would be a “Deadpool 3.” Kevin Feige said that the next film would be rated R. Reynolds will oversee the script. While fans can relax because Reynolds is coming back to the series, they do not know what will happen with another character in the future.

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Cable might be one and done

Cable is an important character who was created in the “Deadpool” comic series. He comes from the future and tries to kill his nemesis, Stryfe. Cable is played by Josh Brolin in “Deadpool2.” Deadpool is funny, but his jokes are very different than serious things. Wade Wilson was not always joking, though. He was in a dark mood before he met Deadpool. They decided to work together, and their comic books became popular.

When Brolin appeared in “Deadpool 2,” he had the same chemistry with Reynolds that his character had in the comics. We thought that he would be a returning character in “Deadpool3.” Sadly, it looks like that won’t happen. Brolin said in an interview that Cable might not be in the future of Marvel. Deadpool was supposed to be four movies, but it turned out to just be one. Marvel has not said anything about what they have planned for his character, so we do not know if he will come back.

It sounds like Cable’s role in the second movie was just a one-time thing. Fans can always hope that he will come back for more, but it doesn’t sound very likely.

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