Viral Video of Woman Shutting Down Man at Gym Viewed Over 12M Times: ‘Don’t Come Near Me

Viral Video of Woman Shutting Down Man at Gym Viewed Over 12M Times 'Don't Come Near Me' (1)

Some people film themselves at the gym to watch their progress. But sometimes, they catch things on video that they do not want. A woman named Chelseia Gleason filmed herself working out, but then a man came up to her and spoke to her. Then he leaned into her face.

The caption on her video said, “being a female is fun.” The video has 12 million views.

“I can’t figure out when this happened,” a voice said in the video, as Gleason is seen working out at Crunch Fitness. “I’ve never met this guy, and he has been bothering me for months.”

An arrow pointed to a man in the video. Gleason did not talk to him. She pretended that she didn’t see him and kept her headphones in. The man turned away but then came back. He pointed at Gleason, and then he leaned in close to her face.

“Don’t come near me,” Gleason told him. She dropped the heavyweights and took a few steps backward. The man left without saying another word. People who watch TikTok, a social media site, flooded the comment section to support Gleason. They encouraged her to tell a gym employee about the incident.

A retired personal trainer wrote, “Please show this video to the staff! Trust me; they don’t want this at their gym.” Another personal trainer said the incident was “wildly unacceptable.” She writes that the staff and management will be able to help Gleason.

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Some people said that Gleason should tell staff in his gym because it could happen to someone else. One viewer on TikTok wrote, “If a shy girl is walking to their car at night and the bad guy is out there, he needs to be kicked out.”

People liked Gleason, who stood up for herself. The official account for Gymshark commented on the video. This company sells clothes for people who work out. “gym should be a safe space for Everybuddy,” the comment read. “But it hasn’t been lately. We are sorry that you had to put up with that.”

I am proud of you for sticking up for yourself!

“This made me sick to my core,” someone commented. “What is wrong with these people? You were ready to fight, and I am proud of you.” After Gleason Published her video, she wrote in the comment section that the man was found and banned from the gym.

People took to the official Crunch Fitness TikTok page and praised the company for banning a man. “Thank you for taking action to make it safe for everyone to work out,” one commenter wrote. “I think this makes your business very good.”

At Crunch Fitness, we don’t judge people. We promote positive self-esteem and respect people of all races, cultures, and nationalities. All gyms are committed to creating a safe environment for everybody. This is not the only time a man has had his gym membership taken away.

CSU World Record’s article is about a man who posted an online video of himself being kicked out of a gym Coz he asked a woman if she wanted to get his message. He was part of the “incel” community, which says that women are not attracted to them.

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