Ruby Rose Reveals Real Reason She Left Batwoman, Slams Working Conditions

Ruby Rose Reveals Real Reason She Left Batwoman, Slams Working Conditions

Ruby Rose had a bad experience with the Batwoman TV show. She wants people to know about it. She was injured and didn’t want to continue with the show. Some people, when they saw Rose’s injury at the end of season 1, thought that she would not come back to work. But now Rose has made a statement about her surgery and recovery. She shared videos and stories about her experience. The statement is a complete look at this situation that she has offered yet.

It is not clear why Rose shared her story now. But she starts the story by saying, “enough is enough.” She tagged the network, Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries and producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schecter in her Instagram story.

She said she was going to tell the world what had happened. She will come for people, so they don’t have to be hurt like her. She also wants to take back her life by telling the truth—shame on you.

Rose said that Peter Roth, who left Warner Bros. In 2020, TV hired a private investigator to find information about her. She also accused him of having inappropriate relationships with young women. Recently, Variety magazine wrote a glowing article on how he completed his retirement with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after he left Warner Bros. Television at the end of 2020.

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Rose shared audio of a conversation with her doctor about an injury she got on the set of Batwoman. She also shared video footage from surgery.

Later, Rose says, “It’s worse than abnormal.” This was diagnosed years ago on set. If I got an X-ray, we would make our day. And I have enough information to make a documentary that is one hour. Please tell me what else you want me to share: the broken neck or the broken rib split in two and the tumor?

Rose said that Roth told her that she would cost the studio millions and put the jobs of many people at risk. Critics said that Rose looked stiff in the series when she was not fully recovered. If they had rewritten it with her injury in mind, she might have done better.

Ruby Rose Reveals Real Reason She Left Batwoman, Slams Working Conditions

Warner Bros. was angry that Rose didn’t want to go to Comic-Con International in San Diego because she had an injury. Warner Bros. told her that she needed to film a video and say she couldn’t come and also told her how to hide the scar on her neck in the video.

Rose was not the only person who got hurt on the set. Amanda Smith, a production assistant, also got hurt in an accident during production on Batwoman in 2020. 

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