#ENDSARS Memorial: Falz, Macaroni, others lead car procession; police make arrest

Youths have been doing something that they said they would do one year ago. They have been going to the streets and at the Lekki Tollgate to remember what happened there last October 20th. One of the people who has been there is a music star, Falz.

The long convoy of cars is thunder horns, waving flags, and “dropping roses for our fallen heroes.” One of the people said that.

Stay in your car. Drop your flowers and flag.

Falz, who is streaming the event, said: “We want justice for those that sacrificed their lives for us.”

“They do not have justice.”

Mr. Macaroni also attended the memorial.

At the time when they were filing this report, they were in the process of going through the tollgate.

This last time, the people will drop the flags at the tollgate.

Some protesters were walking and talking to reporters. The police have arrested them.

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