Queen Elizabeth II Cancels Trip on the Advice to Rest for a Few Days

Queen Elizabeth II went to Windsor Castle after she didn’t want to cancel a trip to Northern Ireland. She had to take medical advice. The UK’s 95-year-old monarch is going to take a break from doing anything for the next few days. A source who is close to the palace told CSU that Covid was not the cause of this.

“The Queen is in good spirits. She can’t go to Northern Ireland because of where she was going today and tomorrow, but she wishes that she could.”

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The Queen from England said she is very happy to have good wishes from people in Northern Ireland. She hopes she can visit them soon. On Thursday, the Queen and Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to church in Armagh. That was on the 100th year of partition. And Northern Ireland was founded. Irish president Michael D. Higgins does not go to churches because he thinks it is political.

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The group that is in charge of Ireland said that it is sorry that the Queen will not be coming to their country. They also say how important her work for peace and reconciliation is. The Queen is still expected to come to the COP26 conference in Glasgow. This conference will begin later this month.

She said last week that it is irritating that no one is taking action on the climate crisis. The Queen’s medical update came a few days after she turned down a magazine’s award to be “Oldie of the Year.” She said this because she does not feel old.

She is the world’s longest-reigning Queen. It has been almost 70 years since she became Queen.

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