New Details Emerge in Recent Violent Crime Spree in Albany

New Details Emerge in Recent Violent Crime Spree in Albany

Following a violent crime spree and the offenses committed in one of Albany’s busiest areas, new information is becoming available.

Three males are wanted by Albany police for a number of offenses, and two of the guys were seen on surveillance footage.

On October 21 at the Zaxby’s on North Slappey, the males allegedly kidnapped the victim’s car at gunpoint, the victim told police. A woman later stated that her automobile had been shot up outside of her Cedar Avenue condominium. The same stolen car, according to the police, was seen there on surveillance footage. And then, at 4:30 a.m. On October 22, according to police, a guy was seen on security footage coming out of the same car and robbing a clerk at the Gas Express station on North Slappey while brandishing a revolver. According to police, the suspects were involved in a hit-and-run accident on Highland after that armed robbery.

WALB News 10 visited each of the four crime scenes on Wednesday.

Because they are more difficult to identify, cars are stolen with the intention of committing violent crimes, according to Sgt. Darryl Jones of the Albany Police Department. Additionally, he claimed that because the car does not belong to them or a member of their family, it is simpler for the crimes to be more violent.

This is the second time that she has been a victim of a crime, according to the woman whose car was shot up on Cedar Avenue. She claimed that she felt the need to relocate.

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