New Information Regarding the Alki Shooting Investigation

New Information Regarding the Alki Shooting Investigation

9:09 PM: We have some new information two nights after two persons were shot on Alki. This came up in the District 1 Community Network meeting tonight, which, as we mentioned in the follow-up from yesterday night, typically has a representative from the Southwest Precinct leadership in attendance.

A D1CN participant tonight questioned night-shift leader Lt. Nathan Shopay about the probe. Lt. Shopay responded that it still appears to be random, as initial intelligence had suggested on Monday night, and that it may even have been a case of someone else being targeted and the shooters missing their target.

He said that “another gang” was present at the time but “went away” when the shooting began. Still no word on the two victims’ condition; he also mentioned that it appeared like they were “Pokémon-hunting” there. (The rest of the D1CN meeting was primarily devoted to port issues; we will have a separate report tomorrow.)

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