Selling Tampa: Netflix’s Show Coming Out, Releasing Date, Cast, & Spoiler

Selling Tampa Netflix's Show Coming Out, Releasing Date, Cast, & Spoiler

It’s time to get more delighted; the official trailer of ‘Selling Tampa’ is finally among the audience. As everyone knows, Selling Sunset has been a stupendous hit for Netflix for years. It’s a little different from Selling Sunset. Here, we have to introduce all about Selling Tampa, for which the fans are curious to know more.

Selling Tampa Trailer And Release Date

Netflix has dropped out the exclusive trailer for Selling Tampa on November 30. It can be seen the primal Selling Sunset cast along the cast of Florida spinoff catching it. Luckily, we have near to acquire the first season of Selling Tampa; the episodes will premiere on December 15, 2021, only on Netflix. Every episode has been long 45-minutes. According to the information, there will be eight episodes in the first season. Here, you can see the teaser below.

What is The Story of Selling Tampa Telling?

This series follows a similar premise as Selling Sunset, but the major change can be noticed that Allure Realty is not run by a set of men who recruit the superiority white females a bunch of salespeople. In spite of this, this company is possessed by Sharelle Rosado, a military veteran, and promotes her staff of Black women real stage agents.

The primer paratrooper learns that whatever can be done to conclude an aim, no matter how challenging, and maintains to keep in motion being a mother of three regarding also dealing with the inner attribute of her team. Incredible-focus on producing her business, she has created a band of hugely ambitious women prepared to sell the enormous in the Sunshine State.

The other supportive members can be seen who are playing the leading role in the show there are Juawana Colbert-Williams, Colony Reeves, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Rena Frazier, Karla Giorgio, Tennille Moore, and Alexis Williams.

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