Cowboy Bebop Netflix: Fans Start Petition For Season 2

Cowboy Bebop Netflix Fans Start Petition For Season 2

Fans of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop have started a petition to save the show.

Cowboy Bebop didn’t have much of a chance on Netflix. The program was abruptly discontinued after less than a month on the streaming site, even though it was still in the top 10 most-watched shows, as we revealed on Thursday.

Fans are already clamoring for the performance to resume. Thousands of people have signed petitions asking Netflix to give the live-action adaption another opportunity to wow viewers.

There are various petitions on advocating for the renewal of Cowboy Bebop, the most popular of which has approximately 2,800 signatures and is continually growing.

Netflix has not made a statement on the show’s cancellation. But they do not deny the claims either. The Hollywood Reporter reported the story three days ago, so Netflix’s silence simply serves to corroborate it.

Of course, it should be acknowledged that a sizable number of individuals are also ecstatic about its demise. Many fans of the original anime felt that the live-action adaptation was inferior due to awkward language and controversial plot revisions. Even many who signed the petition acknowledge the petition’s flaws but believe it might have gained its feet with another ten episodes.

Regardless of your feelings on the program, it continues Netflix’s troubling habit of canceling series at the first hint of problems. The decision was taken, according to the individual who first reported it, due to a considerable decline in viewership after the first week. But all of this demonstrates that Netflix is primarily concerned with the short term, implying that any future Netflix Originals will have to achieve unprecedented popularity right away in order to be renewed.

In the past, Netflix has reversed controversial cancellations, but not totally to the pleasure of consumers. When Sense8 was canceled with a cliffhanger ending, The network ordered a finale for this show. This is the last episode. It’s not the third season that people hoped for. Since then, the service has gotten more severe, so it would require a massive protest for it to be considered for Cowboy Bebop.

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