Temple Mourns 2 Students Killed in Past Week

Temple Mourns 2 Students Killed in Past Week (1)

The University of Temple is very sad because two students have died.

Samuel Collington, who is 21, was shot twice in Philadelphia on Sunday. He was a senior at Temple University. The shooting happened outside his apartment that is several blocks away from the campus. He was taken to Temple University Hospital, where he died.

The city said, “We mourn the loss of a bright student.” This student was smart and had many friends. He wanted to work for democracy, so he did an internship this semester with the city.

Someone has not been arrested for the killing of Collington.

Katherine Kelemen, a student at Temple University, died after being attacked with a baseball bat in her home. Her father was the attacker, and he later killed himself. Her mother was injured but survived. Katherine’s mother works at Temple University’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine.

The words in this statement are about a tragic situation. We feel sorry for those who know Katherine and Sheri because they have lost people close to them. We hope that Sheri will get better after she gets hurt.

Both of these statements were about Temple students seeking counseling. Temple University says that they spoke with the Mayor of Philadelphia and are working on safety. They are talking to groups in the community, as well as the police.

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