Anthony Wong, the singer from Hong Kong, has been charged with corruption.

Anthony Wong, the singer from Hong Kong, has been charged with corruption.

Anthony Wong Yiu-ming, a Cantonese language singer, has been charged with corruption. The charges are related to alleged crimes that happened during the 2018 election.

Wong and Au Nok-him were both charged by the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Monday. Wong was arrested on Thursday, but he was granted bail. Au is in prison because he is awaiting trial for National Security charges.

On March 3, 2018, the charge alleges that Au and Wong engaged in corrupt conduct at the 2018 LegCo By-election for Hong Kong Island Geographical Constituency by providing entertainment, namely a singing performance, for another person to induce the other person to vote for Au at the election.

At a rally, Wong performed two songs on stage and appealed to all the people there to vote for Au. He is a significant pro-democracy figure. Au uploaded a video of Wong’s performance as an advertisement for the election.

It is illegal to use food, drink, or entertainment to influence how another person might vote. Au won the election.

Since the middle of 2019, and mass anti-government activities in Hong Kong, authorities have been trying to stop the pro-democracy movement. They introduced a law in July 2020 that changed how things are run. The most pro-democracy lawmakers had either resigned or been disbarred.

The government has also been making the media and entertainment sectors change. They have made it so people cannot watch the news on Pro-democracy news organization Apple Daily. Plus, they have added national security to the process of vetting films for public release. Several entertainers, including singer-actor Anthony Wong Chau-sang and filmmaker Pang Ho-Cheung, have moved abroad because of this.

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