Facebook Says It Has Banned All Content Related To Or Supporting Taliban

Facebook Says It Has Banned All Content Related To Or Supporting Taliban

Facebook has just declared that it is banning all content related to or supporting the Taliban. This decision was made after a recent wave of violence in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. In his statement on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “We wanted to share some thoughts about Facebook’s policy with respect to content from terrorist groups.”

Facebook has a team of people to take care of the problems in Afghanistan. They work on Facebook.

Facebook has banned the Taliban. This is because they are a terrorist organisation and Facebook’s policies say that people can’t post things on it that belong to organisations like the Taliban. Facebook did not do this for a long time, but now they’ve changed their mind about letting them use Facebook.

The Taliban is a group that the United States has banned from using their services. They are also considered to be a terrorist group.
Facebook said it is taking down terrorist accounts and will not allow people to praise or support terrorism.

“We also have a team of experts from Afghanistan. They know the language and can see what is happening in the country, and they help us identify problems on our site,” the spokesperson said.

The social media giant said that they do not make decisions about who has power but instead follow the “authority of the international community.”

Facebook said they have a policy that applies to all of their platforms, including their main social media networking sites and apps, Instagram and WhatsApp.

However, there are rumours that the Taliban is using WhatsApp to communicate. There have been reports that Facebook will take action if it finds accounts on the app that are linked to the group.

The war in Afghanistan reached a turning point when the Taliban entered Kabul. The president had to leave the country.

He added, “We will never allow any terrorist content on Facebook. We have always banned people from promoting terrorism and we continue to do so.” Zuckerberg also said that the company is hiring more people to review and remove such posts by AI, but it’s not enough as a single person can still overlook some things while reviewing 50 thousand pieces of content per day. The new plan includes developing artificial intelligence tools to detect this material in advance with software-enabled screening without required human labour.

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