Woman, 37, Dies After Being Hit By Car Near Supermarket

Woman, 37, Dies After Being Hit By Car Near Supermarket (1)

A person died. They were hit by a car near a supermarket. Now they are dead.

37-year-old person was crossing the street. They were near Lidl when they got hit by a car at around 7:50 pm on Monday. Emergency services attended. The woman was pronounced dead when they came.

The driver of the black car that looked like a baby Panda was not injured. The police are looking for information about the incident.

A police officer from the Glasgow Road Police Unit said: “We are still looking to find out what happened and who was there. If you were there, please contact us.”

“I would also ask anyone with a camera that can record what is happening to check the footage. They may have a video that could help us investigate.”

The road was closed for a few hours so the people who crashed could be examined.

If anyone knows what happened on November 29, 2021, please call the Police Scotland. Use 3189.

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