YouTuber (Eckhoff) Dies 5 days After Posting a Video Declaring To Fans he is Not Dead

YouTuber (Eckhoff) Dies 5 days After Posting a Video Declaring To Fans he is Not Dead

A YouTuber has died. He posted a video telling his fans he was not dead. But he passed away five days later. Apetor Eckhoff posted on his birthday. He made a video and said, “I am 57 today.” It was before the tragedy.

In the video, which was shared with his 1.2 million subscribers, he had written the number 57 on his head. Eckhoff also took shots of vodka. He also kissed a tree and wore a plastic bag on his head.

He made videos of himself on his birthday to celebrate. He said he was not dead.

Eckhoff is dead. He was killed after he fell through the ice in Norway, and a person saw him and called for help. Divers went into the water to rescue him, but they had been underwater for too long. Doctors tried to save him, but it didn’t work.

Eckhoff was put on life support, and doctors turned off the machines. He fell through the ice on Friday.

According to a post from his partner on Facebook, Eckhoff had been skateboarding and filming a video of him skating.

Skjerven’s post, translated to English, said, “You went to the water near Kongsberg, and you were looking forward to skating. You should also film a little, which you should use in a video on YouTube. When you arrived, you messaged me with pictures of yourself and the water. It was nice that we had contact.”

But something went wrong. You fell into the water, and you did not get back up like you had so many times before. But in the end, they pulled you out by divers and sent you to Ullevål hospital by helicopter.

On Saturday night, John and I were in the hospital with you when the doctors turned off all of your machines. They did everything they could to save you, but you had been underwater for too long.

Thanks for all that you have done. We will never forget our time together.

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