College Students Feel Unsafe With a Crime in Leon County

College Students Feel Unsafe With a Crime in Leon County

Crime rates in Tallahassee have increased over the past few months, and people are feeling unsafe. People are worried about Leon County’s future. Crime rates fell in Leon County by 14.9% in 2020. This makes it rank 6th among 67 counties with the highest crime rates in Florida.

Tallahassee has a higher crime rate than the whole country. It is one of the top-ranking big cities with high crime rates in America.

Many students live away from home in Tallahassee because there are two major colleges. Crime and drug rates have been going up, so many people are wondering if Tallahassee is a good place to be.

Destiny Gaines, a fourth-year student majoring in animal science, was studying for a test and listening to music in her apartment when she felt unsafe.

I went outside to get something, and they told me to go back inside. I saw at least ten police cars outside. Five people got hurt when it happened right outside my window. It could have been me! Brian McKay, a junior at Florida A&M University, has an opinion about whether Tallahassee is a safe community.

The person said, “I am not from Tallahassee. I’ve never seen people do drugs or get in fights as they do here.” He said that he does not feel safe because violence is common and doesn’t seem like it will go away. A police officer, Maurice Holmes, talked about recent shootings in Tallahassee. His department is trying to find the people who are shooting.

Mr. Holmes said, “please lock up your weapons. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to prevent gun violence. If we are able to get them under control, violent crime will drop significantly.”

An emergency town hall occurred on Oct. 14. The Police Department talked to the community about how to stop other shootings from happening. If you see something bad, call 911 or report it online through TPD.

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