Man Dies Several Days After Being Shot in Aurora

Man Dies Several Days After Being Shot in Aurora

A man in Aurora, Colorado, has died from a gunshot. The police are investigating this as a homicide. Police said there was a shooting on November 22nd at 3:30 p.m. The victim was shot in the stomach, but they are expected to survive.

Police said that the victim died on Saturday. His death was ruled a homicide. They did not release his name yet. The police are looking for clues to see what happened before the shooting. They can’t tell you who did it, but they are trying to find out.

If you know about a crime, call Crime Stoppers. You will help the police catch criminals. If they do, they may give you some money. Metro Denver Crime Stoppers is a group of people who give tips about crimes that have happened. Law enforcement will share your tip with them.

If you give the information to the police, they will review it. They might find out who did it. Then you will be contacted by email or by phone. You can use the reward money that you got when you give your tip if they find them.

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