2 Ohio State Parents Speak Out About Recent Crime

2 Ohio State Parents Speak Out About Recent Crime (3)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Some parents of Ohio State University students feel uneasy after some bad things happen near the university. Campus police say three kids stole a car on Friday night. And three students were robbed with guns on Sunday morning.

Two moms said they didn’t get an alert about crime happening for a while. Irene Hendrick and Allyson Reid are part of the Facebook group “Buckeyes for a Safe Ohio State.”

“I felt really great. It felt like a typical college experience. We were happy and relaxed.” Safety has been important for a long time. But this past weekend, their moment of peace was disrupted. The two said they got the Buckeye Alerts and it scared them.

My son told me the other day that he is starting to feel better. I said it will get better, but he thinks it’s getting worse. Patrols are just a must, they’re a must.”

We contacted the university and public safety about the crimes that happened this past weekend.

The university gave this statement after responding:

This fall the university has made a number of safety measures to increase safety. Crime reports in the University District have been going down. The school has installed more lights and cameras, worked with the city to add police patrols, hired non-sworn security guards, and expanded a program that provides discounted late-night rides called Lyft Ride Smart. On September 24, the university announced an additional $2 million, per year, over the next ten years to make our campus safer. This will help us spend more money on security and safety at the university and medical center that we already have. It is expected that this will be at least $20 million. And our total budget for security and safety will be about $35 million a year by then.

For Hendrick and Reid, it is simply about making sure their child is safe at all times.

The message is the same. Be vigilant. But they can’t do much more than that. It’s just luck at this point, said Reid. No one was hurt in either of these incidents.

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