Man Acquitted of Aspiring Lawyer’s Murder

Man Acquitted of Aspiring Lawyer's Murder

A 17-year-old boy has been found not guilty of killing an aspiring lawyer. The teen said he did not arrive on the scene with a gun. Omar Elomar was shot in the chest at close range. He died on Feb. 15.

The 18-year-old boy was sitting in a car with his cousin as members of the Elomar, and Isaako family were gathering. Noah Albert, who was related to the Isaako family and was at the scene when the gunman arrived, has been found not guilty of Mr. Elomar’s murder.

The Crown said that the gunman was in a joint criminal enterprise with Mr. Albert. They used circumstantial evidence to support this. Justice Ian Harrison thought that Mr. Albert may not have known that one of the men might die.

Mr. Albert said he did not know the gunman had a shotgun before the shooting. In this court case, Mr. Albert’s account could not be shown to be untrue or improbably. So it might be true.

The murder was a result of two families fighting. The fight started a few days ago, but it got worse and led to the murder. On Friday, there was a murder. The family that did it, and the other family that got killed, had been fighting for two days before.

The court said that Elomar teenagers at a family function on Feb. 15 discussed the assault. One of them exchanged insults and aggressive messages with Mr. Albert.

Ultimately, they met in front of a school. They bought a bat and stumps and gave them to the group. But within 2 minutes of arriving, the gunman who arrived in a car with Mr. Albert walked up to Omar Elomar and shot him.

After the shooting, the accused said that they were the shooter. But it was not true. One message said, “I think I killed the c*** delete everything.” I will call you soon.

I met up with him 20 minutes after that, and I shot the kid in the chest. The Crown said that if he had no knowledge of a gun, he would have reacted with horror. But instead, he falsely claimed credit for the deed.

Defense lawyer Paul Johnson argued that his client had been trying to “defuse” the situation (fight) after he saw the text messages with other people.

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