Feuds! Friends! Million-Dollar Mansions! What to Expect From Selling Sunset Season 4 

Feuds! Friends! Million-Dollar Mansions! What to Expect From Selling Sunset Season 4  (1)

It’s been a long time since season 3 of Selling Sunset came out. It is coming back on November 24th. It follows the lives of people who work in real estate in Los Angeles, California. They show their houses and the drama that happens there too.

When does Selling Sunset Season 4 premiere?

Every episode of the fourth season of the Netflix docusoap will come out on Wednesday, November 24th, 2021.

The cast of Selling Sunset Season 4?

Jason Oppenheim

Brett Oppenheim

Christine Quinn

Romain Bonnet

Mary Fitzgerald

Maya Vander

Heather Rae Young, a.k.a. Heather Rae El Moussa

Chrishell Stause

Davina Potratz

Amanza Smith

Who is new this season 4 on Selling Sunset?

Two new people are joining the cast for Season 4. The first is Emma Hernan, who is a model and entrepreneur. The other person is Vanessa Villela, who is a Mexican-American actress.

Netflix has added 2 new cast members to the show. One is an actress who used to star in Mexican soap operas and now works as a real estate agent. The other is an entrepreneur who has had some run-ins with the ladies on the show before.

Who is leaving The Oppenheim Group?

Brett Oppenheim left to open his own company. It is called Oppenheim Realty. Davina left The Oppenheim Group and went to work for the Douglas Elliman agency.

I am really excited to be a part of Douglas Elliman. They have a new development division that is sophisticated and global. My background is a new development, so this was a wonderful opportunity for me. It matched my skills very well, and I decided to take it because it was purely for business reasons.

It is not yet clear how much Maya will be a part of Season 4, as she moved to Miami during the pandemic. I want to stay in Miami unless I have a client that is worth me to fly for one or two days. That is my goal.

 Selling Sunset Season 4 spoilers?

This season on The Oppenheim Group, 2 new people joined. Chrishell was looking for a new house when she heard that her husband Justin Hartley was getting divorced. Heather and Tarek El Moussa got engaged, and there will be some celebrity clients.

And, someone will be really good at their job. Christine is one of them. She is a new mom and doesn’t work as much as other people do. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t still able to help us with our work.

Christine gave birth to a son. The boy’s name was Christian Georges Dumontet. She and her husband, Christian Richard, got married in Season 3. In Season 4, we will see how Christine adjusts to being a new mom and also how she deals with two new women at the company: Emma and Claire.

Amanza is going to court to get full custody of her two kids, Noah and Braker. Ralph Brown disappeared in August 2019.

Amanza told Cosmopolitan, “In the third season of my show, viewers will finally find out what is going on with my kids’ father. A lot of questions will be answered. Talking about it on camera was liberating for me, and I wasn’t trying to protect anyone’s feelings except for my children. In the last season, a lot of things were kept a secret, but after a year without filming, I told everything exactly how I wanted to.”

Season 4 trailer for Selling Sunset?

There is an episode where Jason tells the woman he has hired a new agent. You will see their reactions.

In Season 4, will we see Chrishell’s relationship with Jason?

Chrishell and Jason didn’t start dating until July 2021. And the show started filming in March, so it didn’t follow them as a couple.

We became best friends before anything else. We know everything about each other. We tell each other everything. We are silly and laugh a lot together. I love that you don’t need to pretend to be the best version of yourself when you are friends first. I recommend being friends first–I’ve never done this before, but it’s different than simply dating someone, too!

Will we see what happens to Heather and Tarek in Season 4?

That is not true. Heather and Tarek didn’t get married until October 23rd after the filming of Season 4 had been completed. There was no wedding in Season 4. But there will be a special about their wedding airing in December on HGTV.

Will there be a Season five of Selling Sunset?

Netflix has announced that they have already picked up the series for a fifth season.

Where to watch Selling Sunset on TV or online

Sunset Streams is on Netflix. It has seasons 1-3 now.

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