The Order Season 3: Will The Series Return? Possibilities And Everything For You To Know

The Order Season 3 Will The Series Return Possibilities And Everything For You To Know (1)

The last season of the story, called The Order, dropped in the summer of 2020. People who watched season 2 have been asking if there will be a season 3. The Order is a story about a university student named Jack Morton and his life with magic. His mother died when he was young, so he wants to take revenge on her death by joining this secret society. It has lots of twists and suspenseful moments.

The show created by Dennis Heaton received many good reviews. The show also won six ‘Leo Award’ nominations in different categories. All this made Netflix renew the show for a second season after season 1 finished airing. But the future for a third season of The Order is still unknown, so while you wait for The Order Season 3, let us discuss everything we know about it.

Will There Be The Order Season 3?

The second season of “The Order” was released on Netflix in June 2021. Season 2 consisted of ten episodes, and most people liked it better than they did the first season. Fans want a third season, so we will see if they get one.

However, the possibility of a new season does not seem good. Netflix usually renews a show with a new season within a few months of the release of the previous one. But in this case, there has been no announcement from the streaming service about The Order Season 3.

A tweet from the series creator Dennis Heaton also confirmed that we might already have seen the last of Jack’s adventures. In the tweet, he wrote, “It is one of the best experiences of my career. So, unfortunately, we aren’t returning, but I will always cherish the memories and the props I stole. Thank you all for watching.” 

The series creator confirmed that we might have seen the last of Jack’s adventures. He wrote on Twitter, “It is one of the best experiences of my career. So, unfortunately, we aren’t returning.” But he will always remember the memories and props that he stole. Thank you all for watching!

What Happened In The Second Season?

The second season of The Order began with the end of the first series. First, we saw that the Order made all of the knights forget. The knights wanted revenge, and they were faced with powerful magicians, deadly cults, and cruel demons. Then we saw Alyssa and Vera in a deadly reciprocal situation. Salvadore pointed out that Alyssa was a terrorist. Later on, there was a full-fledged war between Midnight and Silverback about Jack (he belongs to both), and Silverback won this war over Midnight.

The new champion of Midnight came when Jack was gone. Gabrielle was chosen instead, but Alyssa died. And Vera lost her magic powers. Randall sacrificed Councilmember Kepler to revive Lilith. But she came back as a demon instead of a human, so Jack walked into the woods carrying Alyssa’s body and a spellbook at the end of The Order.

The Order Season 3: Who Will Return?

Until now, Jake Manley played the lead character of Jack Morton. Sarah Grey played Alyssa, a fellow magician, and Jack’s love interest in The Order. Members of the Order were portrayed by Matt Frewer, Katherine Isabelle, Sam Trammell, and Max Martini. Other prominent cast members include Adam DiMarco as Randall and Louriza Tronco as Gabrielle, while Devery Jacobs played Lilith Bathory and Katharine Isabelle appeared as Vera.

Anesha Bailey played Nicole in The Order. Thomas Elms was Hamish Duke. Kayla Heller played Selena Durov. But will they play these characters again? That has not been confirmed yet.

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