C’mon C’mon Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Leads Mike Mills’ Latest in Gorgeous Black and White

'C'mon C'mon' Trailer Joaquin Phoenix Leads Mike Mills' Latest in Gorgeous Black and White

A new film by the director of movies like “Beginners” and “20th Century Women” just came out. It is about a man with his mom’s death and an eccentric nephew. The first trailer will probably appeal to fans of his other films, as well as people who like stories about children and adults.

Someone who writes about films watched this year at Telluride. He said that there was a shaggy black-and-white mood piece about an unmarried man with his nine-year-old nephew. This story can be vague sometimes, but “C’Mon C’Mon” found its own pulse in the friendship that forms between the uncle and nephew.

Gaby Hoffman is an excellent actor. She plays people in shaggy indie movies. She has been in many movies, but it seems like she plays the same type of person over and over again. Her new movie is different. It has a regular person who does not have much to do with the story, just like in life sometimes when you are not that important to what’s happening around you so you can just relax and do your own thing for a while if you want. Phoenix doesn’t act weird in this movie. It’s good that he is normal because it would be weird to act like the Joker. Phoenix acts like a normal person in this movie, so he does not feel like an alien wearing a human suit.

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This film has a powerful team of actors and actresses. The lead is played by Woody Norman, who is an amazing actor for his age. It also features the talented Scoot McNairy and Jaboukie Young-White.

A movie called C’mon C’mon will be in theaters on November 19. Watch the official trailer below.

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