Arcane Season 2? More League of Legends shows coming after Netflix hit

Arcane Season 2 More League of Legends Shows Coming After Netflix Hit

Riot is making movies. They are making movies about their game. The movie called Arcane was really popular when it came out on Netflix on November 6, 2018. It was even more popular than the Korean drama Squid Game! Riot made more shows for League of Legends, so they will come soon too!

Netflix recently released a new movie called “Arcane.” It was very popular.

Arcane‘s first three episodes were released on Netflix and became a hit. People in many countries like it. It became the most popular show in over 30 countries, but maybe Riot did not expect this to happen. They may have spent a lot of money advertising on different platforms, and that was worth it because they got such an immense audience reception.

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Arcane is a game in League of Legends. The developers promote Arcane. Riot even made other games with Arcane themes and Fortnite. They also made an event in LA.

Arcane is a book about champion lore. It tells the stories about Piltover, Vi, and Jinx. You will recognize Caitlyn and Viktor, and more.

What’s next after Arcane?

League of Legends is on Netflix, and it is doing really well. Riot’s president of entertainment had an interview with the LA Times. He said that there would be more to come in terms of the League of Legends series but did not say what exactly we could expect.

Arcane is a successful game. This means that there could be another season or a sequel to the show! Or maybe there will be one about other League champions and how they got to the League. Players might know about this already, but we can’t wait to see it on TV or in a movie.

We have a chance to make great organic stories in the world of Runeterra. They will take time to build, but they are worth it. We’ll be here for a while.

To make stories that are really good, the Riot executive says that the team will do its best to build this new media in a way that is right. They will focus on media that is rich and will tug at the hearts of long-time League fans. If this sparks interest in people who are not fans of League, then Riot can have a larger fanbase.

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“Players are looking for things they can identify with. So, we are trying to figure out how to create that in live-action or other stories,” Spenley shared.

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