At Least 8 Dead and Many Injured After Crowd Surge at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston, Officials Say

At Least 8 Dead and Many Injured After Crowd Surge at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival in Houston, Officials Say

(CSU )At least eight people were killed or hurt when a crowd rushed towards the stage. The people who were there had nowhere to go because there were so many people there.

50,000 people were at the Astroworld Festival at NRG Park. When the concert was over, an incident happened.

The video showed the performer on stage, Travis Scott. He looked confused when an ambulance with flashing lights went into the crowd.

The crowd, for some reason, began to push and surge towards the front of the stage, and that caused people in the front to be pushed together. They couldn’t get away. The situation got worse, and it overwhelmed the people there.

People became unconscious. This made everyone panic. This is a photo taken from a helicopter in Houston for the festival before the deadly storm. More-than 300 people were treated at a hospital that was set up near the festival. A doctor said this.

Twenty-three people have been taken to the hospital, and eight of them have died. One person is ten years old, and they are in critical condition.

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Some of the patients were in cardiac arrest, and they went to the hospital. We don’t know what happened to them yet. When we find out, we will tell you.

The people in the crowd have attempted CPR on that person who got hurt.

People who went to the concert shared it on social media. They said that there was a lot of chaos and some people got hurt. Some people tried to do CPR on them, but it didn’t work.

Houston police and security staff stopped the concert when it was too much for them. The damage was done, though.

Peña said that he doesn’t know what caused the surge. Investigators will look at a video of the scene and ask whether there were enough exit points. They will also check to see how the venue was laid out.  Houston police and event security stopped the concert as soon as it got worse. But by then, it was too late.

We feel really sad because some people died at the Astroworld Festival. We are trying to help the officials by doing whatever they need us to do.

The part of the event that was supposed to happen on Saturday is canceled. Authorities said that they are looking into the series of cardiac arrests. If you know anything, contact @houstonpolice on Twitter.

Early Saturday morning, Astroworld organizers did not respond to our request for comment. Houston’s emergency management office said that they had established a phone number for people who couldn’t contact their friends who attended the concert.

People rushed through the gates earlier. Three people have trampled a couple of years ago.

In the morning, a video from a CSU affiliate showed people rushing through the VIP entrance. They knocked over metal detectors and other people. The security staff didn’t stop them. A video showed some people helping others up. Peña doesn’t know why there was a sudden rush.

We do know that at least one person was hurt when people jumped the fence. Three people were hurt when they got trampled in the festival. The event is organized by a Houston native named Scott. It was scheduled to run from Friday to Saturday, but it changed its date.

The festival was going to have singers SZA, Bad Bunny, and 21 Savage. Houston’s mayor said sorry for the death of people. At an event meant to bring people together for music, a tragedy happened. Thanks to the police, fire, and other agencies that responded to assist.

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