San Jose: Two Arrested in Halloween Homicide

San Jose Two Arrested in Halloween Homicide

SAN JOSE — Police arrested two men in connection with a fatal shooting that happened on Halloween. The shooting followed a minor car accident, and it is being investigated.

Someone got shot at 3:40 pm on Sunday. Someone called the police and they came to the 5200 block of Great Oaks Parkway. A man was found with gunshot injuries. He went to a hospital but died there.

His name was not public because he has not yet been identified. The next of kin will be notified by the coroner.

According to a source, the victim had crashed into other cars. Two men from one of the cars that were hit followed him. They ended up on Great Oaks Parkway, and the man who was in the passenger seat shot him.

Police found the person who shot people by looking at what people said about the car. They found Alfred Castillo and arrested him the same day. Detectives found Efrain Anzures, and they arrested him on Monday.

Both men, who live in San Jose, were arrested and put in jail. They are going to be charged with a crime (homicide) on Wednesday.

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