Sir Michael Caine: I’m a Writer, Not an Actor

Sir Michael Caine I'm a Writer, Not an Actor

Sir Michael Caine, an actor, says he is not acting anymore. He considers himself a writer now.

The 88-year-old screen legend is in his last role because he can’t walk well. He has back problems. It’s likely to be his last part, too. He has Too many parts as an “88-year-old leader”.

The author, whose latest book was a memoir called “Blowing the Door of Blood: And Other Lessons in Life,” has now announced himself a writer.

Michael Caine talks about a radio show that he listens to. He says they have a segment called “Car Mode and Mayo Movie Review.”

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I have not worked for two years. That is why my back hurts, and also, I can’t walk well.

Sir Michael Caine I'm a Writer, Not an Actor

As an actor, it’s nice not to have to get up early. As an author, I can start writing with out obtaining out of bed.

Dark Knight star said: My last role.

I haven’t had an offer for my movie for two years because no one has made the movie I want to do. But I am old, and nobody is writing the script with me as the main character.
The star of “King of Thieves” has previously decided to retire from acting, but he doesn’t like it so much.
Michael wanted to retire when he was 45, but he loved filmmaking too much, so he never left.

He said in 2018:

It is lucky that I always have three or four hits. Those hits were like going to the bathroom.

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