Bts’ Jin Joins Coldplay for ‘the Astronaut’ Performance in Argentina; Chris Martin Kisses Him and Says, “feel so Grateful for This Relationship’

Bts’ Jin Joins Coldplay for ‘the Astronaut’ Performance in Argentina; Chris Martin Kisses Him and Says, “feel so Grateful for This Relationship’

On October 28 in Argentina, Jin, a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, appeared on stage as a special guest during Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres world tour. Jin sang his brand-new song, “The Astronaut.” The performance took held in River Plate Stadium, and it was transmitted live to theaters throughout the world. On the same day, Coldplay and Jin co-wrote the song “The Astronaut.”

Before Jin took the stage, Chris gave him a brief introduction and discussed how the love of music between Coldplay and BTS led to their connection. Chris acknowledged his prior apprehension about collaborating with the Korean band, saying that while their music was unique, there was no good reason not to. In 2021, the groups collaborated on the Music Of The Spheres song “My Universe.” “A few years ago, I felt like we had to perform a specific style of music all the time, we had to fit into a box, and I felt that way about my life as well,” Chris stated to the enormous crowd. The people I met, the books I read, and the teachers I encountered all seemed to be content. And the thing that made them content was simply asking instead of being afraid of what you don’t know or individuals you don’t fully comprehend.

And around two years ago, someone proposed to us that we should work with a Korean boy band, he continued, “and that absolutely blessed my life — and our life as a band. I was quick to judge, which is frequently my initial response because I’m only human. But after a while, I began to question why I was afraid of this just because of their differences. We followed this path and created the song “My Universe” together. And it has evolved into one of the most enjoyable and rewarding relationships we have as a band, teaching us so much about… Instead of being afraid of the other, just accept it.

Chris continued, “And then, about six months ago, one of their members called me and said, ‘I have to quit the band in December [to join] the army in Korea because that’s the rules there.'” Jin then approached him to collaborate on a new song before his required membership in the military, Chris continued. And he declared, “I need a song that briefly bids everyone farewell and conveys my affection to them… So I responded, “Okay, let’s record a song together.” And rather than worrying about it, I am incredibly enthusiastic about it and thankful for our partnership with BTS. Then this song came on, and I thought, “Let’s offer this gentleman one of our best tunes; this is one of our best songs.

The crowd joined in while Coldplay and Jin played. Chris Martin was waiting for him with outstretched arms when he ran toward him in the middle of the song. Chris kissed him on the forehead while still holding him. At the conclusion of the concert, Jin bowed to the audience and said, “And I love you ARMY, you all.”

Following the September 2017 release of Coldplay X BTS’ “My Universe,” “The Astronaut” is the pair’s second joint effort. The singer-songwriter became just the third solo artist in history to achieve 700,000 sales with an album on the first day of release after the single sold a total of 700,954 copies on Friday, according to the most recent report.

Since BTS stated in June 2022 that they were suspending their group activities temporarily in order to concentrate on their solo projects, this is Jin’s first solo project. The group’s agency revealed on October 17 that all seven members will enroll in the military to fulfill their conscription requirements and would reunite in 2025. Prior to that, each member will likely release new music.

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