Police Arrest 4 Suspects from Rival Crime Family After Murder of Israeli Mob Boss

Police Arrest 4 Suspects from Rival Crime Family After Murder of Israeli Mob Boss

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Four members of a powerful crime family were apprehended on Monday night after a manhunt that lasted for several hours. The arrests were made in connection with the killing of a rival gang head earlier in the day.

It is believed that members of the Jarushi crime family carried out an underground hit in the town of Azor, which resulted in the death of Benny Shlomo, the head of the Shlomo crime family. The suspects belong to the Jarushi crime family.

The fourth suspect was apprehended at Ben Gurion International Airport, while the other three were taken into custody as they were driving near the central city of Gadera. The four males were taken into custody by the police for interrogation over the homicide investigation.

Shlomo and his bodyguard, Vladislav Povolotsky, were standing close when they were shot at by two unidentified assailants who had just arrived at a gas station in Azor shortly after 2:00 p.m. on Monday and started a fire on them. The mob boss succumbed to his injuries, while his bodyguard sustained critical injuries and is still being treated in the hospital.

According to reports from Hebrew media outlets, an off-duty police officer who was at the scene of the incident to fill up his motorcycle’s petrol tank when the shooting began pursued the attackers as they drove away from the gas station. As he drove up next to them, the perpetrators slammed their automobile into his bike with such force that it was damaged.

The officer, who did not sustain any injuries, opened fire on the suspects as they were getting out of their vehicle and attempting to carjack a woman on the opposite side of the road. According to the accounts, they were able to drive away in the stolen vehicle without sustaining any injuries.

According to the news shown on Channel 12, the police received a notification not long before the shooting that a vehicle carrying a duplicate license place number had left the area of Lod and Ramle. However, police stations were not informed of a potential underworld hit at the time.

According to a report in the Israeli daily Haaretz, the initial hypothesis put forth by the police was that Shalom Domrani, Shlomo’s longtime adversary in the criminal underworld, was the mastermind behind his murder. The police are currently looking into the possibility that Domrani formed an alliance with the powerful Arab Israeli Jarushi crime family in order to carry out the suspected hit.

The authorities had a hunch that Shlomo’s organization would not sit around and do nothing to get revenge for the killing of their master.When Shlomo left Domrani’s organization to start his own, he took several of Domrani’s men with him. In the past, Shlomo served as Domrani’s right-hand man. Since that time, the two have been engaged in conflict.

According to Channel 12, the police informed Shlomo that he was a target and that rival gangs had placed an order for him to keep away from the southern region of the country, which is where he had previously been based. As a result of this, Netanyahu relocated his official residence to the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

Shlomo had been in Turkey up until a few days ago, and it was originally planned for him to leave for Madrid on Monday evening. On the same day, the reputed crime boss was gunned down at a gas station in Azor while attending a business meeting there, according to reports. According to the article, the authorities are looking into whether or not the gathering was organized with the intention of luring Shlomo into a trap.

It appears that the two criminal families have become more aggressive toward one another over the course of the past year. A Domrani assassination squad that was supposedly on its way to assassinate a senior member of Shlomo’s gang was stopped by the police in May while they were in the process of carrying out their mission.

In the month of February, a car bombing in the city of Ashkelon in the south of Israel took the life of Avi Bitton, who was known by the police as the “moneyman” for Domrani’s group.

Benny Shlomo has avoided death despite the many attempts in his life that have been made throughout the years. Shalom Shlomo, his brother, was murdered by a gunshot in the year 2015.

Domrani was freed from jail in October of last year after serving six years for two separate attempted murder charges. Since his release, it is believed that he has been striving to improve the stability of his company as well as its financial standing.

His release from prison came shortly after Shlomo’s, who had served time for assault and was also freed in August of last year.

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