FBI Data Finds Arkansans Have High Change of Being a Violent Crime Victim

FBI Data Finds Arkansans Have High Change of Being a Violent Crime Victim

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (CSU) – According to the findings of a recent study, if you live in Arkansas, you have a greater likelihood of becoming a victim of a violent crime.

According to data provided by the FBI, Arkansas ranks fourth among the states with the highest rate of violent crime per 100,000 residents, with roughly 672 cases of violent crime reported for every 100,000 residents.

People who call Arkansas home have stated that they are not surprised by the increasing number of incidences of violent crime that is being investigated by police despite the state being covered in seas of blue.

Steve Kirksey has lived in Jonesboro for a very long time and is concerned about the local criminal element.

Kirksey was quoted as saying, “It is just getting out of control.” “I fear that my grandchildren will grow up in a world where they won’t even be able to go outdoors for fear of being robbed or shot,” the grandmother said.

Ofure Ogbediwi, who had previously lived in Los Angeles but now calls Jonesboro home, is one of the victims. She said that just a few weeks ago, she was a victim of a break-in at her home and that she is a single mother.

Ogbediwi stated, “I will without a doubt pay closer attention to my immediate environment and my personal safety.”

Bureau of Investigations and Security of the United States of America Jonesboro was not mentioned as one of the cities with a high crime rate by Little Rock; instead, cities such as Pine Bluff, Helena-West Helena, West Memphis, and Little Rock were mentioned.

Ogbediwi stated that she had seen a difference in the crime rate here in Jonesboro, despite the fact that the city is not on the list maintained by the FBI.

Ogbediwi described the current situation as “very risky, pretty unclear, and pretty uncertain about being in my apartment or being around my area.” “I have been noticing more gunshots, definitely hear about more shootings, and overall there is just more crime, so I suppose more people are coming in from other places, which is making it more unsafe.”

Alaska was listed as the most dangerous state, followed by New Mexico and then Tennessee. The Natural State’s ranking is not unique; Alaska was ranked as the most dangerous state.

People like Ogbediwi and Kirksey aren’t taking any chances when it comes to their personal safety, even if the police are actively patrolling the state.

According to Ogbediwi, “it has most certainly become a problem with safety, so at this point I am being more vigilant with my safety.”

“Always ensure that my home is secure. Please remember to lock my vehicles. I believe that this city and this state require a greater number of police personnel. Kirksey stated that there are insufficient numbers of police personnel.

According to Region 8 News, the FBI office in Little Rock stated that they would be releasing updated crime statistics this week. We will forward them to you as soon as we have received them.

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