Overlord Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date & Time

Overlord Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date & Time

The Quagoa and the dragons are successfully ruled by the Sorcerer Kingdom. Shalltear has learned a lot from the whole event, and Ainz is proud of her. Demiurge, meanwhile, continues to be in awe of Ainz. The information required for Overlord Season 4 Episode 8 is provided here.

Release Date For Episode 8 Of Overlord Season 4

The eighth episode of Season 4 of Overlord will air on August 23. At ten o’clock JST, AT-X will broadcast the episode in Japan.

The series is being streamed on Crunchyroll. An hour after the episode is broadcast in Japan, it will be available with English subtitles. The following times would be the release schedule in the United States:

10:00 a.m. ET
7:00 a.m. PT/
9 a.m. CT

Where to Stream Season Four of Overlord

Overlord Season 4’s most recent episode is accessible on Crunchyroll. On this platform, you can also access previous seasons.

Recap of Overlord IV Episode 7

Yohz discusses what transpired with Riyuro, their clan head, in the former dwarven capital. Another Quagoa soon after warns of an impending threat. Riyuro approaches the dragons to enlist their aid in battling the dwarves. One of the dragon lord’s sons, Hejinmal, is sent to assist. Ainz, Gondo, Shalltear, and Aura encounter Hejinmal. Hejinmal instantly yields to Ainz out of terror. While Shalltear and Aura look after the Quagoa, Ainz and Gondo accompany Hejinmal to the other dragons. Olasird’arc approaches Ainz, but he is rebuffed. Therefore, Ainz murders him. Ainz assists Gondo in obtaining the desired book as the other dragons congregate.

Shalltear and Aura manage the Quagoa in the interim. Shalltear remarks that it is probably improbable that somebody strong enough to defeat the Death Knights exists nearby. Aura reveals that Ainz brought up the subject so Shalltear may develop her capacity for strategic thought. Riyuro is informed by Shalltear that the Quagoa must submit to the kingdom, or she will exterminate everyone until only a specific number of adults, children, and males are left. Riyuro orders the Quagoa to engage in combat, but he is distressed because he must decide which Quagoa will engage in combat until the necessary number of Quagoa is left.

The remaining dragons are gathered by Hejinmal, and they decide to submit to Ainz. One of them declines, and Ainz murders him as a result. Aura and Shalltear are met by Ainz and the others. Ainz displays his admiration for them. The runesmiths later celebrate their fresh start. After that, Ainz meets with Demiurge and requests an update on the Theocracy. Demiurge expresses his appreciation for Ainz and his intentions and thinks that Ainz has been meticulously arranging everything for the upcoming millennia.


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