Recap of “Grantchester”: Episode 2 of Season 7

Recap of Grantchester Episode 2 of Season 7

Ill is upset over his obsession with Maya, who he now knows is engaged to Elliott, the new head of Geordie. He rudely approaches her to bid her farewell; nothing will ever work. In the end, they continue to sleep together.

Geordie makes an effort to ignore Will’s antics in the adjacent room. He and Will are shocked to see his niece Bonnie Evans performing handstands in a frock at the vicarage the following day. She has been assisting Cathy with the kids and is now handing them off to Geordie so he can spend the day with them along with her precocious son Ernie and Geordie’s kids. However, Geordie and Will are had to leave the children with Bonnie because they are summoned to a crisis call.

When they get to the Carmichael home, Melanie is cleaning the stairs. She is unaware that Lester, her husband, phoned the police. They discover him dead in bed upstairs, covered in blood, holding the phone.

Lester had a bandaged hand since Melanie had taken him home after he severely cut himself with a paper knife. But a pellet had lodged in his neck, and he began to bleed there. It moved when he rolled over in bed, and he started bleeding. It most likely originated from a kid’s gun.

Lester and Melanie are not parents. Despite the fact that the business is registered in her husband’s name, she owns and operates it. When Will and Geordie discover her cleaning up the fireplace’s burnt ash, they note several sizable recent withdrawals.

Melanie claims that Lester contacted her to pick him up when she was in the department shop promoting her goods; Cathy, a staff member there, verified Melanie’s claim. In addition to casting some doubt on her male boss, who she is friendly with, Geordie confronts Cathy for bringing Bonnie in to assist with the kids without informing him. If he’s worried, Cathy assures him he can watch the kids tonight.

The person who phoned Melanie was really Betty Rose, not Lester, as the switchboard operator revealed. Lester attended the brothel that Betty manages. When his drink suddenly broke, injuring his hand, Betty called Melanie while he was still with her. The youngster, who is the son of one of Betty’s prostitutes, claims Betty had dispatched him to purchase candies that morning when Geordie and Will discovered a pellet pistol among the toys of a child playing in front. Lester’s neck could have been impaled by a bullet that entered the window and struck the glass.

Sadly, the pistol has been cleaned of fingerprints, but Lester’s glass pieces still bear him and the mother of the young child, Velma’s, traces. She was about to leave town when Geordie and Will came to see her, and she had an arrest on her record for threatening her ex with his pistol.

She explains to them that while her ex-husband was a nasty man, Lester was somewhat decent because he was going to offer Velma a home to live and pay for her son’s education. Betty was disappointed to lose Velma since she doesn’t trust males and assumed Lester would leave Velma shortly.

Mrs. C is leaving Jack, and Jack is terrified of it. She has been agitated, won’t kiss him, and frequently plays bingo. As he looks into it, Leonard notices Mrs. C. chatting with a guy at the vicarage. Leonard enters after him to see Mrs. C. drunk and playing jazz loudly. She is afraid of her ill health and the doctor’s presence. She wants Leonard to go with her so she may find out whether she has uterine cancer tomorrow.

Leonard is taken to the doctor’s office in place of her son, when it is discovered that she has a tumour. She will need a hysterectomy and radiation treatment. She doesn’t pose any inquiries.

Geordie has less reason to be sceptical of Cathy than Jack is of Mrs. C. He agreed to watch the kids that night, so when Bonnie leaves the kids off at the station, he finds out Cathy is going to the pub with her manager. Miss Scott is given money by Geordie for a drink and is asked to monitor Cathy. In addition, he cautions Will to exercise caution because Geordie just just managed to prevent Elliott from catching Will having a private time with Maya at the station.

Bonnie questions Will about Maya when she sees him with her. They talk about love; she is unsure if she has ever experienced it since her spouse passed away. They are unable to comprehend what transpired between Geordie and Cathy.

Cathy’s denial of Clive’s advances shows that they do still love one other. (He says that she should be grateful he ever noticed her; she is a lady with children.) But eavesdropping won’t make things better. When Miss Scott tells Cathy about Geordie’s deceit, they both get wasted on his cash while lamenting the state of men.

The next day at the station, Cathy is anticipating Geordie so she may criticise him; however, Miss Scott uses Geordie’s slip-up to get a longer lunch break.

A lengthy lunch or any other stretch of time away from her fiancé will be beneficial for Maya. They spend the night together once more when Will discovers her waiting for him in the graveyard.

When Will and Geordie find that Betty assisted Melanie in bringing Lester home after he injured his hand, they begin to believe the two women conspired to kill him. The huge withdrawals were made for Velma, who was the object of Melanie’s resentment, and Betty didn’t want Lester to rip Velma away from her.

Will and Geordie then understand that Lester’s time with Velma was excessive and that the brothel was excellent at peddling fantasy. When Velma’s next client saw her with Lester, his belief that she loved only him was dashed. As a result, he picked up her son’s abandoned gun and accidentally shot Lester through the window. He is detained.

For running a “house of ill repute,” Betty is detained, but she begs Geordie and Will to instruct Velma to search beneath a doll inside the brothel. A pile of cash is there. Velma informs an incoming customer that the brothel is shut as she departs for the final time.

Will uncomfortably sees some of his emotions in the person accused of killing Lester. He has also delighted in daydreaming about a possible future with Maya. He then informs Maya that they must finish since he can’t play along any longer. That has been said before. He holds her while she tries to get him away. Let’s see if he can avoid us.

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