The Biggest Revelations From La Brea Season 1, Episode 2

The Biggest Revelations From La Brea Season 1, Episode 2 (1)

On September 27 at 9/8c, La Brea Season 2 will air on NBC for the first time. And because that time is only a few months away, we can’t help but reflect on the first season of the programme.

The important story aspects of each episode of the first season will be broken down each week on NBC Insider in case you need a recap or are seeing the show for the first time. The highlights of “Day 2,” La Brea Season 1, Episode 2 are shown here.

A saber-toothed tiger is a huge nuisance.

Ty saves the day in the beginning of the episode by killing the saber-toothed tiger that charges for Sam, Eve, and him when they discover the ambulance (which has supplies needed to help an injured Josh). However, as another one shows up, they are forced to take cover on a cliffside.

Eve wants to go back to camp, but she is impatient. Sam, who was carrying the ambulance’s supplies, is knocked down the cliff as they run into the tiger once more. The tiger pursues Eve and Ty, but they are protected when it gets caught in a weird hunting trap that was obviously set by a skilled forager. (As the season progresses, it’s crucial to keep that in mind.)

Sam is discovered by Eve and Ty some hours later; at this time, he has injured his back and can hardly move. The three of them attempt to get back together, but Sam finally sends Eve out on her own with the medical supplies and directions for treating Josh. Fortunately, with the aid of a mystery visitor, Ty and Sam manage to return to camp.

Josh’s injury deteriorates.

As Riley waits for Eve, Ty, and Sam to get back at the camp, Josh’s wolf bite grows infected. Josh’s health gets worse and worse until he faints just as Eve is bringing the meds.

Izzy and Gavin attempt to unravel the sinkhole’s mysteries.

Following the discovery of Eve’s ring, Gavin is sure that his family is somehow rooted in the past. They bring Eve’s ring to a scientist to carbon date it as evidence for their claim. However, the ring is taken before the scientist can learn the results.

When Homeland Security learns about the ring, they attack Gavin and make him accompany them. When they bring him before agents Sophia and Adam, they tell them that they took Eve’s ring and that it has a carbon date of 10,000 B.C. in addition. This demonstrates what Gavin had suspected all along: that his visions had real significance.

Gavin learns from Sophia that a sinkhole formed in the Mojave on the same day that his chopper crashed years earlier. At the bottom of the Mojave and La Brea sinkholes, there is an unsettling green glow that points in the direction of the past. Then, a jet made particularly to fly into a sinkhole is displayed to Gavin by Homeland Security. They want to use Gavin’s assistance to fly a pilot into the hole.

About Marybeth, we discover more.

We find out that Marybeth is a police officer from Louisiana from a chat she had with Scott. But when Scott inquires as to her whereabouts during the sinkhole, she replies evasively, “I have my reasons.”

Later, she spots a Mustang with a Louisiana licence plate that she is certain is the one she is looking for. As it turns out, the automobile that Scott and Riley discovered at the premiere has heroin in the trunk. When Marybeth asks sisters Lilly (who doesn’t talk) and Veronica whether they’ve seen the man who owns the automobile, it becomes apparent that she is searching for him.

After assisting Ty with an injured Sam, Lucas arrives at camp at the end of the episode, and Marybeth finds him there. Marybeth’s son is Lucas, drum roll please.

Veronica and Scott come to their own conclusions.

After being slain by a wolf in the premiere, Scott volunteers to go with Veronica on a hunt for her father’s remains. Scott successfully prevents a herd of camels from being stuck in tar pits while they are travelling, which is a detail he recalls learning about the La Brea tar pits’ history when he was in L.A. This incident makes him realise that they had been transported back in time to Los Angeles in the year 10,000 BC by the sinkhole.

A further disturbing discovery is made by Veronica, who discovers her father’s remains laid out in an odd handprint pattern composed of stones.

Each of Lilly and Veronica’s secrets is a secret to them.

After discovering their father’s body, Veronica goes back to the camp where she discovers Lilly being cared for by other sinkhole survivors. She first appears appreciative of their assistance, but subsequently lashes out at Lilly, telling her, “We can’t trust those people,” and “They won’t understand us,” implying that there is more to their narrative than first appears to be the case. Lilly unexpectedly starts speaking, proving everyone’s misconceptions about her communication abilities.

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