Midland Crime Stoppers Search for Wanted Fugitive

Midland Crime Stoppers Search for Wanted Fugitive (1)

Texas’s Midland (CSU) Are you familiar with this individual? Fabian Hernandez, also known as Fabian Madrid, is wanted by the U.S. Marshals and Midland Crime Stoppers.

According to a statement on Midland Crime Stoppers’ Facebook page, Fabian is wanted for breaking out of Dismiss Charities Halfway House, where he was being held in federal custody. Police or Crimestoppers are urged to call if you have information concerning his whereabouts.

Depending on the outcome of your tip, you may be eligible for a financial award.

Crime Stoppers offers rewards for information that leads to an arrest and is delivered via phone call, website, or app in order for the tip to be eligible for a reward.

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