Missouri Governor Promises More Resources to Fix Crime Across the State

Missouri Governor Promises More Resources to Fix Crime Across the State (1)

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Crime is a major concern in the elections. Since before the 2020 election, it’s been popping up all throughout the country. We spoke to Missouri Governor Mike Parson on Tuesday about his new strategy to combat crime. Our discussions with local business owners helped us understand the challenges they face as a result of criminality.

A safe place for individuals to go in the community was important to Keith Jefferson when he first opened his doors.

In North City, Jefferson has owned Creative Touch Barber and Beauty Salon since 1993. On North Kingshighway, right off I-70, he’s seen his fair share of crime.

Across the street, there was usually some sort of criminal activity taking place. ” You name it; it was happening,” Jefferson said.

That has changed over time, but it has had an impact on Jefferson’s business. Parson said Tuesday that he intends to fix it.

“If you have a huge problem with violent crime in your city, you need to get the resources to tackle it,” Parson added.

More police personnel on the streets, a greater emphasis on community policing, and prosecutors incarcerating criminals are all priorities for the Governor. Kim Gardner, the municipal prosecutor in St. Louis, is a part of the crime problem, according to Parson.

“I’m sure he can perform a better job than she has been doing. Parson asserted, “I don’t believe there’s any doubt about the fact that crime is on the rise in this area.”

New licence plate readers are one tool the governor hopes to employ in local police forces. While driving, the new technology will scan licence plates. In order to effectively police the region, it will provide data that other local departments can use to benefit from the information it provides. Plate scanners like this, however, aren’t the standard equipment that most law enforcement officers are already familiar with.

Tail lights, the type of automobile, the colour, and whether or not that licence plate belongs on the vehicle are all things that may be determined by these devices.” State Director of Public Safety Sandra Karsten noted that those reads are compared to the “hot list,” which includes items like stolen autos, wanted persons and warrants.

In addition to the resources offered by the state, Governor Parson stressed that the entire community must work together to minimise crime.

This is where you’ll thrive if you live or work here.” “If you don’t make a change for yourself, who will?” Jefferson asked.

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