Barry Keoghan Opens Up About Him Going Uncredited as the Joker in the Batman Movie

Barry Keoghan Opens Up About Him Going Uncredited as the Joker in the Batman Movie

As Barry Keoghan stepped in as the Joker in the final scenes of The Batman, some of the most important debates are taking place. With The Batman’s fantastic storyline, DC Studios can rest assured that they did their best to enthrall viewers. At the time, Batman was the most anticipated title, even though it had been delayed for two years at that period. During this time, the Covid-19 outbreak halted the film’s production, which was the primary reason for the delay in the film’s completion.

It’s an honor for Barry Keoghan to take on the role of the Joker.

Aside from its critical and commercial success, it should be noted that Robert Pattinson played Batman in the film and that the audience was eager to see what type of performance he would do. As a result, the actor delivered an outstanding performance that received widespread acclaim.

With The Penguin and The Riddler lined up for the movie’s villains, as well as the character of Batman having a history with some negative feelings, the long-term villain of The Batman, The Joker, was absent. In contrast, many believe that the persona would be trying to step into the movie’s sequel, The Joker was absent.

The movie’s ending depicted that Riddler was being kept at the Arkham Asylum, where an unknown individual was sitting next to Riddler’s cell and uttering a few words, which many assume to be Joker.

The character of the Joker was only in the movie for a brief time, but fans believe that Barry Keoghan will reprise his part as the Joker in the film’s sequel; therefore, high expectations are placed on the actor for the role he’ll play in the sequel.

The fact that Heath Ledger & Joaquin Phoenix have both played the Joker in the past means that the torch will be transferred to Keoghan when the time comes for him to carry its legendary run. However, we don’t know how the authorities and studios will come up with updates on how the movie is doing and who many hope will make the sequel a major one yet. The sequel to Batman has been confirmed, and Barry Keoghan is looking forward to reprising his iconic role in the long-awaited sequel.

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