Man Who Filmed Trooper Sleeping in Cruiser Was Pulled Over Moments Later By Massachusetts State Police

Man Who Filmed Trooper Sleeping in Cruiser Was Pulled Over Moments Later By Massachusetts State Police

The man who filmed the video of the Police officer sleeping in his car on the side of a highway was pulled over by a state trooper soon after. Nick Ford said that after he saw the state trooper who appeared to be sleeping in his car, he was pulled over by another state trooper only three minutes later.

The police officer pulled him over for using something he should not have. But Ford was driving and changing directions. The trooper first saw him on Interstate 290 and told him to stop, but he went back the other way.

Ford said, “I felt it was retaliation. I wanted to make sure that it got as much attention as possible.” Ford asked the trooper to ask a supervisor so he could report both of the troopers who looked like they were not doing their job. The supervising officer arrived and gave Ford two complaint forms.

Ford said that he asked the supervising trooper to give him a ticket because he wanted it to be on record. The trooper refused and gave him a warning instead.
A week later, Ford received a phone call from an unknown number. He then called the number back, and it was the Massachusetts State Police that he spoke to.
Ford said he wanted to know if the police had a warrant for him, and when they said they didn’t, he told them that he didn’t have anything for them and hung up.
Another call came through to Ford. The person was from the Massachusetts State Police, and they were from Holden barracks.

The lieutenant told Ford that he was investigating the trooper who was filmed sleeping on behalf of Internal Affairs. I asked him if he was part of Internal Affairs. “Are you a part of Internal Affairs?” I asked him. I also wanted to know if he was with that group. And finally, the man said, “No.” He wasn’t with Internal Affairs, but they had told him to look into this problem for them.

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Ford said he would not answer any questions from the police. He asked for the policeman’s name, but the policeman did not give it to him. The trooper Ford filmed is also believed to work at the Holden barracks.

The state police said they were aware of the video and opened an investigation. They also declined to talk about the accusations by Ford for some reason.

On November 30, the police officer who was in the video is still working. The person is on an investigation. If the person is on the investigation, they will say what to do with their job.

Ford said that he drove past the trooper sleeping in his car for over a year before deciding to confront him and film it. A video was uploaded of a police officer sleeping on the job. The video has some words in it, so you might not want to watch it if you don’t like those words.

In a video, a man is walking up to a police car on the side of the road. He is going to where it says 290 and 495. A man recorded this video of a trooper who was sleeping in the cruiser. The man banged on the window and startled the trooper, who woke up. The man said, “Bro, I see you sleeping here every morning. You go on Facebook Live before your shift. Every morning I drive by, and you’re asleep in the front seat.”

The trooper looks to the left and does not say anything. The video ends. Ford says that the Massachusetts State Police cruiser is parked at the first turnaround. He sees it every morning. “Every day, I see them, and they are hiding where they cannot be seen from the traffic. I think that they sleep there. But this one day, he was so close to the edge of the road that he decided not to drive.”

Ford said he passed by and didn’t see anyone in the front seat.

One day, I was walking outside, and this guy kept getting worse and worse. It is a safety hazard. But if people do not say something about it, it will keep happening.

Ford understands how hard police officers work. When he saw a police officer sleep on the job, he thought it was important to tell people about it. The man said that he was not tired. That person was stealing from their employer, who gets money from tax dollars. This is not an accident. This is happening all the time. Somebody risked having a bad day with their boss so they could stop this person’s stealing because it was so bad.

Ford said that now, because of the video, workers can speak up if they are being overworked. The people at the top need to know that they are not making the people at the bottom work too much and that these people can speak up for themselves.

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