Philadelphia Shooting Leaves 2 Men Dead, Another Hurt

Philadelphia Shooting Leaves 2 Men Dead, Another Hurt (1)

PHILADELPHIA — A shooting in Philadelphia left two people dead and one person injured. It happened early on Sunday morning.

There was a shooting in Kensington. We don’t know if it happened because of something. It happened early in the morning, but we don’t know what time it was. Happening inside the after-hour club or if they were just in the club already, and it happened there too.

Three people were taken to a hospital. Two of them died. One was shot four times in the chest and face; someone got shot in the chest two times and once in the back.

A man was shot in the face, back and stomach. He is in a hospital, but he is stable. The names of the people who have been shot are not known yet.

The reason the person shot is still being investigated.

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