Young Royals Season 2: What’s Next For Wilhelm And Simon? When Will It Release

Young Royals Season 2 What's Next For Wilhelm And Simon When Will It Release

Young Royals gathered a lot of attention and buzz after the first season. The fans are very excited for the next season. They want to know what happens next in this TV show.

Young Royals is a Swedish teen romantic drama. It is about a boy named Wilhelm who lives in a royal family. He goes to an esteemed Boarding school in Sweden. This drama show progresses as the prince of the royal family encounters unexpected events on his way through his new life there at the school.

The show is about the royal family in Sweden. The creators are Camilla Holter, Lisa Ambjörn, and Lars Beckung.

Is It Renewed Yet?

Netflix posted a video of the cast of Young Royals on September 22, 2021. The show was renewed for another season. The announcement came like the surprise of an unexpected vacation for fans of the series. But there is no update about whether or not it will start production soon, or if it has started already, but they are not telling us yet because there is a pandemic going on right now.

Young Royal Season 2: What to Expect?

There are new friends in the first season. Wilhelm even falls in love with one of them. An unexpected series of events happens, and he becomes the next in line to the throne. In the finale, he finds out that August is behind a leaked sex tape of him and his partner Simon.

Wilhelm was heartbroken when he found out that the Queen didn’t say anything about what she knew. He gave Simon a hug at the end of the show before he left for his Christmas vacation.

In the second season, maybe the show will explore the relationship between Simon and Wilhelm. With Eric’s death, Wilhelm becomes heir to the throne. He has a difficult time choosing between his love and duty. The show might also tell what happens to August and Sara’s deal. It seems like there are many things happening in this upcoming season of GoT.

Young Royals Season 2: Release Date

All six episodes in the 1st season of Young Royals premiered on Netflix on July 1, 2021. Each episode had a runtime of nearly fifty minutes. The season one finale left the door open for more seasons to come.

The social media post said that Young Royals. Season 2 is confirmed. But there was no information about when the next season will start.

There is usually a one-year gap between seasons of the Netflix series. We don’t know how long it will take for the second season of Young Royals to come out, but we hope that it will be soon.

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