‘The Challenge’ Season 37: Ashley Mitchell Tweets She’s ‘On the Edge’: ‘I’m Not Sure Any of This Is Worth It’

'The Challenge' Season 37 Ashley Mitchell Tweets She's 'On the Edge' 'I'm Not Sure Any of This Is Worth It' (1)

Ashley Mitchell was one of the new cast members on MTV’s The Challenge Season 37. She broke the rules, so she got disqualified from the show. She recently tweeted about what happened with fellow cast members on Twitter. And she told her co-star that she was “on edge.”

Ashley Mitchell was the contestant who got deactivated from ‘The Challenge’ Season 37.

The MTV show “The Challenge” aired an episode that said that Ashley Mitchell would not be coming back to the game. T.J. Lavin told everyone else on the cast, but he did not tell them what she did wrong.

“Agents, as you have seen, Ashley is not at headquarters anymore.” The host told the remaining players before elimination. “Ashley broke one of our rules, and because of that, she is no longer able to stay in the game for this season. She has been eliminated from the game. She cannot play anymore.”

Many people on Reddit are saying that Ashley and Josh had a fight. Emanuel also posted on his social media about what happened, too. Ashley said it was not only about Josh because there were other things going on between them. She also did not think that production should have kicked her out of the game.

Ashley Mitchell told Hughie Maughan that she feels like she is close to breaking down. She was disqualified.

A player on MTV’s The Challenge, Ashley Mitchell, was disqualified following her participation in Season 37. People are really questioning the decision-making process of MTV, and other players are speaking out about it. One player, Hughie Maughan, said that he defended Ashley on Twitter because she is a good person who should not have been disqualified.

Ashley, the girl I met, is nice. She cares about me, and she is funny. We had a lot of fun times together, and I know all your stories from before. I know where you have been and what you want to do. You are amazing to me and my time with you was really good.

Ashley said to Hughie, “I needed this so much.” Ashley is on edge. She is not sure that anything is worth it anymore.

Will she return to the show?

Some people who were on the MTV show, The Challenge said something that was bad. They said it because they were mad. We don’t know what happened with Ashley Mitchell at this time. But she didn’t say anything bad about anyone else, and she didn’t say anything racist.

Ashley said, “I was really mad and said some things that I shouldn’t have. I didn’t say anything bad or racist, just angry.”

It sounds like Josh doesn’t agree with Ashley.Josh tweeted but then deleted the tweet. It says, “Waiting on MTV to give me the green light to say my piece because this is bulls***.”

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