The Morning Show Season 2 Shocker: 4 Things to Expect After That Death

The Morning Show Season 2 Shocker 4 Things to Expect After That Death (1)

The Morning Show’s season 2 had a surprise visit. Alex needed Mitch to say they were not in a relationship. They had a few days together, and it was difficult for them. In the past few days, we have been doing a lot of things. We played Trivial Pursuit. When we were not playing, we screamed at each other in front of the gate. Sometimes, when one person was sleeping on the floor, someone else would come and try to defend themselves against new allegations that they targeted Black women.

Mitch had sex with Paola. He went out for cigarettes. Thoughts started to go through his head about mistakes he made in the past. So Mitch lost control of his car on a windy, narrow road in Italy and was not able to make it back on track.

With a death this big and shocking, we predict that there will be some intense complications. There will be a ripple effect on many of our characters. Here are our predictions for the rest of season 2:

The Morning Show season 2 prediction: Alex will grapple with guilt

We saw what happened when Mitch took his hands off the steering wheel. Nobody else did. Alex was the last person to see him before he died, and she told him that she could not defend him in public. We expect that Alex will have some complicated feelings about this situation.

Do you think the girl will blame herself for the accident? Or will she want to be silent? The police might think it was a premeditated suicide. That would make her feel bad. She is not sure if she should tell what happened or keep it a secret, even though she did her best to hide it. This brings us to the next point.

The Morning Show season 2 prediction: Maggie’s book tour is going to get interesting

Mitch’s death is going to make media headlines. This will increase the attention on Maggie’s book. There was already a lot of interest in her book before Mitch died. Now, everyone will be interested in it because of the publicity from his death.

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Alex wants to get a statement from Mitch. But she flew to Italy. She can’t use the statement now because he’s not in the ground yet. It would look suspicious if she released it before, too.

The Morning Show season 2 prediction: Paola is going to shake things up

Mitch was important to Paola. She wanted Mitch to be happy, and she didn’t like what she saw as “cancel culture.” She wanted to help Mitch. After he died, Mitch asked Alex to look out for Paola. We all know that she is making a documentary now. Could Alex see helping her finish this documentary as her duty because Mitch asked her?

We think that Paola still has Mitch’s interview. It isn’t good, but it is honest and shows his perspective. Then she can use this footage to try to counteract the images in Maggie’s book.

It’s worth noting that she is still in Italy. That is a COVID hotspot. Mitch died in a car wreck, and he and Paola were both exposed to the pandemic. The professor who could have put them at risk has also died. Could Paola’s life be in danger? And is Alex in danger of getting sick, too? She just shared space with them.

The Morning Show season 2 prediction: Bradley will grow closer to both Laura and Cory

Alex won’t be the only person to feel complicated about Mitch. She was the closest to him, but many of our Morning Show crew knew him in some way. Cory spoke to Bradley about Hannah’s lawsuit. Bradley was in Cory’s show last season, and he tried to surprise interview him on the phone. Laura also worked at UBA, so they probably talked once or twice.

Mitch died and will set off a bomb in people’s heads. It might bring back memories of Hannah and her death. Trauma can make people close for a while. Cory and Bradley might want to lean on each other during this time. Laura has been there for Bradley when he has had hard times. When she was outed, her brother came to see her, and now when she is sad about the news. She will turn to Laura.

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