Biden Said He Would Be Willing to Get Rid of The Filibuster so That We Could Pass Voting Rights

Biden Said He Would Be Willing to Get Rid of The Filibuster so That We Could Pass Voting Rights

President Biden has said that he thinks the Senate should consider ending the filibuster. This is because voting rights legislation was not passed this week, and earlier this month, America teetered on the brink of default over a Senate standoff over raising the debt limit.

On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden met with Anderson Cooper to talk about voting rights. If the Senate decides to make changes, it is possible that they will do away with the filibuster. This would be different from how things are now because people could still filibuster, but they would not be able to actually stand on the floor and talk for a long time. The Vice President has been more open recently about changing the rules of how filibustering works in the Senate.

President Biden’s work on the social safety net spending has made it difficult to act on the filibuster. But he told Anderson Cooper that he still wants to get his work done. If I focus on other things, then I will not be able to pass certain laws that are important, like police reform and voting rights. This is my biggest regret so far because the people need these laws.

It is not likely that the filibuster will be killed any time soon. That’s because some Democrats in the Senate do not support it.

Asked if he was close to a deal on his social safety net legislation, the Build Back Better Bill, Joe Biden said, “I think so.” The negotiations have been tough, but not as tough as the negotiations over the assault weapons ban in the 1990s.

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There are two senators in the democratic party, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. They are moderate democrats who are forcing the party to take a less expensive bill. The bill is now around $1.9 – 2.2 trillion, and originally it was $3.5 trillion dollars because of what they call “smart as the devil” Kyrsten Sinema’s ideas about environmental issues and family care provisions that can be paid for without raising corporate tax rates or taxing the wealthy people more than they already have been taxed before this recent bill passed into law on May 8th 2019.

The person said that it is not likely that there will be an increase in tax rates for people earning over $400,000.

Mr Biden does not support a work requirement for the child tax credit extension that was proposed by Mary Manchin.

The federal paid leave has been cut back. That is why the proposal now says that workers would get four weeks of paid time off.

Mr Biden said that free community college will not be part of the reconciliation package but that there would likely be an increase in Pell Grants. “It’s a start,” he said. He also promised that free community college would happen in the next few years.

When Medicare is added to the Affordable Care Act, will dental, vision and hearing coverage be included? How about a voucher for these services? Senator Bernie Sanders wants that. It is possible that some vouchers will be included in the bill. Senator Joe Manchin and Representative Kyrsten Sinema don’t want this part of Medicare used for these provisions. But everyone who has ever voted with Democrats has always come around to their side in the end.

Mr Biden did not say that the Clean Energy Performance Program (CEPP) was left out of the bill because of Senator Manchin’s objections, but he might as well have. He is proposing $150 billion originally designated for CEPP be reallocated to incentivize solar panels, energy-efficient windows, and battery technology purchases instead.

Up to 50 Democrats are in the Senate. With so many, anyone could be president.

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