Kanye West unfollows Kim Kardashian West on Instagram

Kanye West unfollows Kim Kardashian West on Instagram

Kanye West has taken the pictures of Kim Kardashian West off his Instagram.

The ‘Stronger rapper has now made his account private. He is now following 13 other people, including rappers Fonz Bentley and Katarina Jebb. The other people he is still interacting with have all-black photos that look like the cover art for his new album.

As of Tuesday, Kim is still following Kanye. Kanye is famous for following only Kim Kardashian.

A couple that split earlier this year recently took their wedding vows for the third time. They did it when Kanye had his third Donda’s listening party.

Some people are saying that the couple is getting back together. But other people say that it is not valid.

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A source said: Kim and Kanye have gotten along better since they filed for divorce. It took a lot of time for them to get to this point. Kim is excited to get along with her friends, but she is worried that things are not going well. She wants a friendly relationship with Kanye because it benefits the children when there is no conflict in the family.

Kim and Kanye West can’t get back together. But they are friends.

Kim and Kanye used to be a couple. They are not getting back together because she accepted his invitation for lunch. They still have a good relationship with each other.

Kim still likes Kanye’s advice for business. She is happy that they can spend time together again. Kanye is sad and disappointed that Kim filed for divorce. He wanted them to stay together. He understood why she did it and gave her space to handle things the way she needed to.

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