Ex-U.S. Intel Operatives Admit Hacking American Networks for UAE

Ex-U.S. Intel Operatives Admit Hacking American Networks for UAE

WASHINGTON, Sept 14 (CSU-World-Records) – Three former U.S. intelligence operatives who work as cyber spies for the United Arab Emirates were caught breaking U.S. laws and selling only things that are only meant for the military to other countries. They agreed not to be investigated because they knew they did something wrong.

People are spying on other people. They are doing this with a particular spy unit called Project Raven. This is being done in the UAE for their enemies.

The project Raven team hacked into the accounts of people who were trying to help other people. The UAE’s monarchy asked them to do this.

Three men admitted to hacking into computer networks in the United States. They did not ask permission from the U.S. government before they hacked into computer networks and exported cyber intrusions tools.

The people who were in operation didn’t answer requests for what they did.

The United Arab Emirates embassy in Washington, D.C., did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The three people agreed to pay a lot of money and not get a U.S. security clearance, so they can’t have jobs that have access to secrets.
“People should know that if they do things that are against the law, then they will get in trouble,” said the assistant attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Security Division.

The FBI said, “This is a clear message to anybody who used cyberspace to help other countries get information they cannot get legally. There is risk and there will be consequences.”

Lori Stroud, a former U.S. National Security Agency analyst who worked on Project Raven and then acted as a whistleblower, said that she was pleased with the charges.

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The most important thing that helped bring this issue to light was investigative journalism. The information they found was timely and technical, which created the awareness and momentum needed for justice.

The CSU-World-Records investigation found that Project Raven ( Hacking ) spied on people who were human rights activists. Some of those people were later tortured by the UAE security forces.

People who were part of the former program said they thought they were following the law because their superiors told them so.

Baier, Adams, and Gericke admitted to using a cyberweapon called Karma. This allowed people in the UAE to hack into iPhones without needing anyone to click on links that could be dangerous.

The Project uses Karma a tool that people can use to get information from devices. It is called intelligence gathering. But they did not get permission from the government of the United States to give this tool to the UAE, and that’s against the law of Hacking.

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