Escaped Inmate Located In Rock Springs after Manhunt

Escaped Inmate Located In Rock Springs after Manhunt (1)

CSU World Record — A manhunt took place today. A person was captured by the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO).

On Tuesday, October 19 at 9:50 p.m., SCSO deputies learned that an inmate escaped from a private transport company while he was passing through Rock Springs.❗

The man who got away was John L. Ortega, 29 years old and originally from Rock Springs. He was in transport from a detention facility in California to court proceedings on other charges in Cheyenne, Wyoming, when he managed to escape and run away while the private transport van was stopping for a break at College Drive in Rock Springs💢

Escaped Inmate Located In Rock Springs after Manhunt


A manhunt happened early this morning. It lasted for hours. A deputy saw Ortega near Reagan Avenue. The deputy chased him for a while to the middle of Cripple Creek Drive until he caught up with him and bring him back to jail without any more trouble.⛔

Jose Ortega is in jail. He has charges from California and Cheyenne. He also faces charges from Sweetwater County for being a peace officer. He will have his 1st appearance in court there soon.

In Wyoming, if you interfere with a peace officer, it can be punishable by not more than one year in prison, up to $1,000 in fines. It is the same punishment for escaping from detention.

The SCSO reminds us that until someone is proven to be guilty, they are innocent.

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